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Enjoy Jaisalmer Desert Safari on camel & Jeep with Get Cab India

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Enjoy Jaisalmer Desert Safari on camel & Jeep with Get Cab India

Jaisalmer desert safari with camel safari
February 14, 2020
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Jaisalmer contributes to being one of the most amazing tourist destinations in Rajasthan which offers different stunning sightseeing places to the travel enthusiasts. A wide array of travelers opts for the desert safari amidst the sandy terrains of the Thar Desert. You are sure to get amazed by the charm and beauty of the sandy terrains which feature stunning sand dunes. At times they are seen to reach the height of a building of two stories. As you take a safari ride, you can witness the rustic village life around the golden Thar Desert in Jaisalmer. You will also find some amazing and marvelous scenarios of the Thar Desert here. The dessert safari stands out of the ordinary in offering a thrilling and exciting experience to the tourists, who are willing to visit Thar dessert for the first time.

Jaisalmer desert happens to be one of the fascinating and beautiful tourist destinations which are very different from other tourist spots in India. Here, the natives are seen to wear colorful dresses, turbans. The natives of the place are known to be very hospitable as they welcome the travelers with big smiles and open arms into the homes. With the desert Safari tour in Jaisalmer, you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime. You are going to forget all the hurdles of life as you spend the adventurous night amidst the desert. The Desert Safari tour in Jaisalmer boasts of different modern amenities for accommodating the guests.

Two kinds of safari in Jaisalmer

You can find two different types of safari in Jaisalmer which include

Camel safari

It is recognized to be the most sought after tourist activity in the golden Thar Desert of Rajasthan. You need to sit on the back of the camel while holding on the hump while enjoying the bumpy road across the Thar Desert. During the ride, you will ride across the remote areas of the desert. You can enjoy the view of the best of the flora and fauna here. Besides this, you can come across different settlements in which the indigenous citizens of the place reside. 

During the Camel Safari in the dunes of the golden city, you can enjoy the wide riches of the desert. In addition to this, you can witness the beauty of the panoramic sunset. It is considered to be the best desert safari in the city of Jaisalmer. Travelers also prefer to enjoy the short camel safari ride in the desert of Jaisalmer where they can enjoy the beauty of the most amazing dunes of Sam Desert. Once the ride is over, view the most stunning sunset behind the dunes. After heading towards the camp in the evening time, you will get a traditional and grand welcome with the dhols and aarti tika. You will also be given a welcome drink after which you can participate in dance and music with the Rajasthan folks in the desert safari camp in Jaisalmer.

During the camel safari trip in Jaisalmer, you should ensure to witness the beauty of Kuldhara, the oasis, the desert wildlife, along with the magical sunset. The total duration for the ride ranges between 5-6 hours which is spread across two different sessions of the safari. One session is conducted during the morning whereas the other occurs during the evening time. Safari is avoided during afternoon time as people take rest by the oasis during the time.

Jeep Safari 

It is another popular tourist attraction in Jaisalmer where you can enjoy the unexplored beauty of the desert with comfort and ease. Jeeps are known to be faster, in comparison to camels and thus you can witness a fun ride along the amazing dunes here. The jeeps which are used for a safari ride in Jaisalmer are generally 4*4 and come with an open-top. The jeep safari starts with a visit to the Desert National Park or Fossil National Park after which there is a pit stop at the Sam Sand Dunes. After this, the tourists are taken to Padholi Sanctuary.

The major tourist attractions to witness during Jeep Safar in Jaisalmer include Padholi Sanctuary, Desert National Park, and Fossil Park. A wide assortment of tourists considers spending a night in one of the houses of Padholi village.

Book your Desert Safari on Jeep with Get Cab India

If you are planning to book a desert safari on Jeep in Jaisalmer, you can consider opting for the services of Get Cab India. A plethora of tourists prefer to choose their services as the jeeps here are mirror clean and comfortable. Hence, whether you are traveling with your kids and wives or your friends, you do not need to worry about hygiene. With customer satisfaction as the ultimate motto, they have the most sensible drivers which drive you through the golden dunes with utmost safety. With several years of experience in the industry, the drivers have the prerequisite knowledge about the routes and roads and thus you can enjoy a comfortable ride during your desert safari on Jeep. 

Another optimum reason why it is recommended to opt for the services of Get Cab India is that they take a step ahead to find whether the travelers have got the right accommodation or not. You can enjoy a pleasant and memorable tour by choosing the services of Get Cab India.

They are always ready to pick you up and you can reach out to them for booking a Desert Safari desert at any time, you want. They come up with a few attractive packages and you can choose one, catering to your needs. Tourists will be capable of witnessing the beauty of some of the major tourist attractions in Jaisalmer by choosing the safari package of Get Cab India. It is hard to get better deals of Jaisalmer desert safari than this which contributes to being another optimum reason why people love to choose this desert safari ride on an extensive scale. 

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