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Desert Safari Camp Tour Cost and Packages in Jaisalmer

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Desert Safari Camp Tour Cost and Packages in Jaisalmer

Desert safari camp jaisalmer
February 14, 2020
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Jaisalmer boasts of a limitless sleek stretch of golden sand and sunshine which makes it a smart choice for the tourists. You can enjoy the view of the traditionally adorned camels during your trip to the place. The vibrant nights are considered to be the heart and soul of these safaris in Jaisalmer. You can also enjoy to the fullest to the tune of local music here. In addition to this, you can also witness the traditional music and folk dance of the locals here. Tourists love to rejoice the grand Rajasthani thali during their trip to the place.

Key attractions of desert safari camp tour 

Here is a list of the key attractions of the Jaisalmer desert safari camping tour:

Enjoy dune and quad biking bashing at the Sam Sand Dunes

Once you start enjoying the Jaisalmer safari desert, it is hard to miss the Sam Sand dunes in the place. It is recognized to be a desert area, located at the edge of the Jaisalmer Desert National Park. It is recognized to be one of the leading tourist spots in the city. Here, the dunes are present at 42-45 km from the city. It features a non-bumpy and well-maintained road that is known to be maintained perfectly by the Indian army.

The stunning beauty of the place mesmerizes you. It is considered to be one of the most preferred destinations for photographers as they can click some of the most stunning photographs here. Apart from this, it features a few of the most amazing desert camps of Jaisalmer.

Dune bashing and quad biking are recognized to be other things to do during your visit at Sam Sand Dunes. If you are fond of riding, you can enjoy some of the world-class biking experience on the dunes here.

The Serai

This oasis provides the ultimate luxury to you during your desert safari in Jaisalmer. The bush cooking, twitchers trail, temple trail, jacuzzi jets, and Kuldhara excursions are some of the most primary attractions here. The desert package is known to start at a reasonable price.

Winds Desert Camps

You can enjoy accommodation in luxury tents and procure the ultimate relaxation while sitting on the verandah. You can find the package at an exclusive price.

Damodara Desert Camp

If you want to enjoy rustic luxury in the golden sand of Thar Desert, you should opt for this safari trip. You can enjoy snowboards, cards, board games here. In addition to this, you can enjoy star gazing in a lounge area here.

Other desert safari packages provide luxury accommodation as well. The modern amenities, furniture of Mewar style, make it the ideal choice for the travel lovers. You can also rejoice in a variety of Rajasthani cuisines during this Safari camp. 

Witness the folk extravaganza during the evening

Musical evenings are regarded as the heart and soul of every desert camp in the place. After spending the whole day in the dust and sand of the desert, you can rejoice in some of the most amazing refreshing dance moves here. You can also enjoy folk music in a relaxed environment here. Rajasthan boasts of a history of lively and soulful music which provides the ultimate relaxation and peace.

You will get more joy with the passage of time and the arrival of time. The Rajasthani mujra happens at night when the dancers amaze you with their sharp and unique dance steps. The events are also known to be lined up in the tandem and thus the proceedings are sure to hold you spellbound. At last, you can relish in delicious and traditional Rajasthani dishes during your trip to the place. In addition to this, the Arabian night dances are recognized to be the major tourist attraction.

The desert safari in Jaisalmer comes with a plethora of activities and attractions which are sure to keep you engrossed. The desert camps, present in Jaisalmer offer sophisticated facilities during the stay in the desert. The luxury swiss tent stays to offer you a luxurious stay in Jaisalmer. 

Duration of the desert safari in Jaisalmer

You can go on a quick camel safari in Jaisalmer and return on the very day. However, a wide array of people loves to go deeper into the desert and spend some days, while witnessing the beauty o the place. On the other hand, few people love to select the overnight option. During this trip, you can rid the camel into the desert; witness the beauty of the sunset. You can also view the stargazing, wake up during sunrise, and ride back. At dinner, you can enjoy the delicious Rajasthani cuisines. Tourists primarily love the sunrise and sunset here as they are spectacular. Longer options, till 30 days, are also available for the hardcore travel lovers.

Tour cost

The rates of the safari differ, according to the accommodation, total duration of stay, food choice as well as the route. The rates of the package start for Rs. 1000 for every person if you want to witness only the sunset. If you want to go for a full day safari ride package while enjoying the sunrise as well as the sunset, the package might start for Rs. 1600. On the other hand, if you want to spend the whole night, the safaris start from Rs. 1800 for each person. However, for the top range camping facilities, the prices can rise to Rs. 3,000 for every night.

Get Cab India is recognized to be one of the leading car rental companies which offer different packages for the desert safari camp. The best time for enjoying a desert safari camp in Jaisalmer is the cooler and dry months. Thus, you can consider booking the trip during the months from September to March. However, after March, the desert might become unbearably hot and the monsoon season begins. Though there is not too much rain, the temperature might be higher. The camel safaris might depart during the early morning so that an ideal camping spot can be found after setting the camping before the dusk.

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