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10 Best Places to visit in Jaisalmer

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10 Best Places to visit in Jaisalmer

Places in Jaisalmer by Get Cab India
July 17, 2019
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Jaisalmer is a major tourist city in the state of Rajasthan in India. It is situated close to the Pakistan border. Jaisalmer lies in the heart of the Thar Desert and is popularly known as “The Golden City” because of the flowing liberally dunes. Jaisalmer means “the Hill Fort of Jaisal”. It was named after Rawal Jaisal, a ruler who founded the city in 1156 AD.

The Golden City is the largest district in the state of Rajasthan with an estimated population of about 80,000. The city is adorned with lakes, temples, forts, and Havelis which attract innumerable tourists every year. These forts and Havelis are made of golden yellowish sandstone. These finely sculptured palaces are home to many intricate architectural works that exhibit the royal and diverse heritage of Rajasthan. The richness found in Rajasthani culture is unique and divergent from other states of India. Jaisalmer was part of the famous Silk Route. The forts proudly stand on its land and narrate the stories of bravery and fearlessness of the Rajput rulers. Crowned by the ferocious Jaisalmer Fort, every street and corner of the city has a story that astonishes the travelers.

Some attractive places in Jaisalmer that make it a prime tourist destination are listed below:

1. Jaisalmer Fort:

Places in Jaisalmer at Jaisalmer Fort by Get Cab India

 A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jaisalmer Fort is one of the largest forts in the world. It is classified under ‘Hill Forts of India’. Built on the golden sands of the Thar Desert, the fort has a mini-town within itself with temples, houses, shops, etc. Jaisalmer Fort, popularly known as ‘Sonar Qila’ or ‘Golden Fort’, was built in 1156 AD and is named after a Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal. The fort erected at a height of 250 ft. and is enclosed by 30 ft. tall walls. Standing at such height, it offers an incredible and wide view of Jaisalmer city. The fort exhibits the alluring beauty of the architecture and art of Rajasthan. It showcases the rich and diverse culture through its intricate designs on the walls, balconies, windows, and arches of the Havelis. The Jaisalmer Fort houses more than three thousand people within its walls. To visit this amazing Sona Quilla book a car rental services for experiencing the places in Jaisalmer from Get Cab India.

2. BadaBagh:

Places in Jaisalmer at Bada Bagh by Get Cab India

 The literal meaning of Bada Bagh is a big garden. The area houses a series of royal cenotaphs including that of Jai Singh II. The first cenotaph of the region was built by Lunkaran Singh for his father Jai Singh II. Bada Bagh has 104 other graves of the royal members. The complex is located about 5 km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. The cenotaphs serve as a prime attraction for the tourists for the intricate and beautiful architecture and carvings on it. The region is dominated by the Jait Bandh, the dam around which all the cenotaphs are built. The water reservoir is useful until this date for water conservation.

3. Patwon Ki Haveli:

Places in Jaisalmer at Patwon ki Haveli by Get Cab India

The Patwonki Haveli is a complex structure that is a combination of 5 small Havelis. It is an interesting piece of architecture as each haveli has a distinct quality of its own. Constructed with the yellow sandstone, the haveli stands out due to its unique designs. It is the largest and most important haveli of Jaisalmer. It was built by Guman Chand Patwa, a rich and renowned trader, for his 5 sons. The construction of the first haveli started in 1805 and the construction of all the 5 Havelis was completed in 50 years. The Patwon ki Haveli exhibits the artifacts and historical evidence of the history for the tourists.   

4. Sam Sand Dunes:

Places in Jaisalmer at Sam Sand Dunes by Get Cab India

About 45 km away from the Jaisalmer city, the Sam Sand Dunes are the most exquisite dunes site in India. The Sam Sand Dunes are about 30-60 meters tall. Various activities such as camel riding and night camping make it a memorable experience for everyone who visits the desert. The tourist finds it attractive yet peaceful to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets while they stay in the Sam Sand Dunes. For entertainment, local cultural performances are arranged along with the delicious authentic food. One of the best places in Jaisalmer and if you are also interested then book a car rental in Jaisalmer from Get Cab India who provides the best of the cars for your comfortable journey.

5. The Thar Heritage Museum:

The Thar Heritage Museum by Get Cab India

Like all the museums, the Thar Heritage Museum aims to collect and preserve the art of the ancient history of Rajasthan. The museum exhibits the artifacts which include documents of Jaisalmer state, coins, manuscripts, weapons, fossils, etc. To attract tourists, the museum also exhibits a private collection of the royal families of Jaisalmer. The snakes and ladders game at the end of the tour of the Thar Heritage Museum acts as a guide to a spiritual journey of Hinduism.

6. Gadisar Lake:

Places in Jaisalmer at Gadisar Lake by Get Cab India

Gadisar Lake was built as a reservoir in 1367 by Raja Rawal Singh near the Jaisalmer Fort. Back then, it was the only source of water for the city. The lake was named after Maharawal Gadsi Singh who reconstructed the pristine lake in 1400 AD. The lake sits like an oasis in the middle of the Thar Desert. To meet the water needs of the city, many small temples were built around the lake making it a pilgrimage center and a tourist destination. The Gadisar Lake offers a beautiful scenic view of the lake and the Jaisalmer Fort. Located on the banks of the lake is beguiling yellow sandstone carved gate. The lake is a great location for bird watching as, during the winters, many migratory birds fly by to a close sanctuary. For experiencing this beautiful place in Jaisalmer you can book a car rental service from Get Cab India.

7. Salim Singh ki Haveli:

Salim Singh ki Haveli by Get Cab India

The Haveli was built by the prime minister of Jaisalmer, Salim Singh when it was the capital of the kingdom in 1825. This architectural wonder is said to be made with stones connected with iron rods and not cement and mortar. It has 38 balconies craved gracefully. The 300-year-old building is a fine example of elegance which showcases the rich heritage of the Rajasthani culture and art. Salim Singh ki Haveli is one of the prime spots of destination in Jaisalmer for the tourists. The architecture of the building is said to be inspired by a dancing peacock.

8. Kuldhara Village:

Kuldhara Village by Get Cab India

One of the most intriguing sites in Rajasthan, the Kuldhara village is located 15 km from the main Jaisalmer City. The village gained the reputation of being haunted and spooky due to the unexplainable paranormal activates witnessed by many travelers through the years. The cursed village is said to have vanished within the course of a single night when all the villagers left and till this date, the mystery continues. No one saw the villagers leave and have no idea where they went. The uninhabited village became a major tourist detonation and a place of interest. It is said that before abandoning the village, the tribe cursed the place that no one would be able to re-occupy the village ever. If you are curious about experiencing this horror place in Jaisalmer then book a cab from Get Cab India.

9. Jain Temples:

Places in Jaisalmer at Jain Temple by Get Cab India

Inside the immense structure of the Jaisalmer Fort are the Jain temples. The temples hold a very high and significance of religious value and ancient knowledge. Popular for its architecture worldwide, the cluster of temples narrates many tales and philosophies related to the religion Jainism. Similar to all the other structures of the Jaisalmer Fort, the Jain temples are also carved out of yellow sandstone. The temples are dedicated to the famous Jain hermits Rikhabdevji and Shambhavdev Ji. The seven Jain temples present in the Jaisalmer Fort were constructed around the 15th and 16th centuries.

10. Desert National Park:

Places in Jaisalmer at Desert National Park by Get Cab India

The Desert National Park exhibits the varied life and ecosystem of the Thar Desert. The Park is inhabited by various species of animals namely blackbuck and desert fox. The National Park is spread over an area of 3000 sq. km. It is home to several species of animals and birds. The famous Jeep Safari helps the tourist to explore the Desert National Park. The park is the home of one of the heaviest flying birds in the world, the endangered Great Indian Bustard. The Desert National Park attracts the tourist who loves thrilling natural life adventures.

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