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Desert National Park

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Desert National Park

Desert National Park

If you are a flora and fauna enthusiast and like to expend time in the company of nature, then a rest that you need to ensure from your pail list is Desert National Park, Jaisalmer. Desert National Park is dwelling to a number of exotic mammal and bird species in a gigantic variety including black buck, sand grouse, chinkara, desert fox and cat, fringe-toed agama eagles, desert gerbil, and blue bull.  In this massive sea of sands lies the illustrious Desert National Park, which gives a gleaming case of the biological community of the Thar Desert and it’s an assortment of natural life adventure. A most important part of the park is on a setting, which embraces lakebed of wiped out salt lakes and prickly bushes. It is a phenomenon in itself at how living life forms flourish in these brutal conditions at Desert National Park.

Desert National Park also residences one of the heaviest flying birds in the world, the rare Great Indian Bustard. It also has fossil proof dating back to the Jurassic Period indicating hot and moist climate characterize by dense forests. In the event that you honestly need to investigate the magnificent natural life at the Desert National Park in Jaisalmer then a perfect path is by setting out on an exciting jeep safari. Camping and bonfire are other thrilling activities which people can like at the Desert National Park.

A very attractive range of wild mammals and rare reptiles are also seen in the area. The best way to get a real feel of the wilds of this place is by travelling in a Jeep safari, and going into the empty areas. Wildlife can be at length spotted. Many tourists also take pleasure in camping here to spend a considerable quantity of time in reading nature, or spending a thrilling time approximately bonfires. You must be trying to figure out which is the best way to travel to visit this beautiful place so here Get Cab India is providing Desert National Park Taxi service for your hassle-free and a memorable trip.


The ecology of this park supports bird life in abundance and thus, tourists can hit upon a variety of resident and drifting birds living in this park. Some of these birds consist of spotted eagles, harriers, buzzards, and short-toed eagles. The square is also inhabited by tawny eagles, lager falcons, vultures, kestrel, and sand grouse near petite lakes or ponds. The Desert National Park is regarded as one of the main national parks in India, covering a wide region of 3161 sq. km.

It was recognized in 1980 and depicts the ecology of the Thar Desert. The main ground of the park comprises compact salt lake bottoms, set dunes and craggy rocks. Desert National Park is house to the endangered species of the huge Indian Bustard, which migrates locally in dissimilar seasons. Moreover, there are many lakes in the national park including Milak Lake, Rajbaugh Lake, and Padam Talao Lake. Apart from these lakes, the ordinary plants seen in the commons are palm trees, dhok and ronj. Some of the relic of plants and animals found in the park are around 180 million years aged. For an amazing experience Get Cab India can help you with Desert National Park Taxi with a reasonable price.

Best time to visit Desert National Park

The best time to go and visit the desert national park is from October to March. Let’s see best time to visit according to season-

  • Winter-

    October to March

  • Summer-

    April to June

  • Monsoon-

    July to September

The region area around desert national park is very hot as well as it is not a stoppage for travelers.  The beautifulness is at its high peak that also gives you pleasant view.

How to visit Desert National Park

  • By flight-

    The closest airport to Jaisalmer is situated in Jodhpur and distance between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur is approximately 280 km. when you reach Jodhpur, you can hire a Get Cab India that offers very flexible and secure service or you can hire public transport as well. But for comfort ability, Get Cab India taxi service is best.

  • By road-

    Jaisalmer is famous tourist place, it has well structured road that is why it is simple to access by road. Get Cab India can help you with your best experience by providing Desert National Park Taxi service for your comfortable trip.

  • By train-

    There is awesome train connection in Jaisalmer. You can take a train service from the station to reach there and from the station you can also hire a Get Cab India to reach the great desert national park.

Places to visit near Desert National Park

A call to this place is not just about various past monuments scattered all over the town and camels. The beauty of this city, the excitement to live in the spirit of the desert, the uncommon flora and fauna at Desert national park, the stories emotionally involved to it, the beautiful place of worship complexes and most highly, the love and warmth of the populace are what brings me rear to this place again and again.

  1. Khuri

Khuri is a normal hamlet in Thar Desert close to Jaisalmer and is celebrated for the sand dunes. The vast draw out of sandbanks in this village makes it a hot hold of the tourists. This is an ideal location for Camel safari. It also has an integer of low-key guesthouses where you can keep on in silence in a traditional-style hut with clay-and-dung walls and thatched roof, and gamble out on interesting camel trips in the somewhat remote and empty surrounding area.

  1. Lodurva

The creator of Jaisalmer, the Rawal Jaisal, also of the Bhatti Rajput clan, lived here before changing his capital to Jaisalmer fort on Trikuta Hill in the 12th century since Lodurva’s location on a trade course through the Thar desert made it vulnerable to bother Lodarva or Luderwa was once the funds of the status in western Rajasthan ruled by the Bhatti Rajputs.

  1. Khaba fort-

Khaba Fort is a bust citadel set amid a barren desert town. It’s an architecturally extraordinary landmark full of eeriness, the past and mysticism. Wander the dirty streets lined with crumbling houses and approximately devoid of human activity.  Yet another charming and slightly spooky fort in Jaisalmer, Khaba Fort, was once occupied by the Paliwal Brahmins.

  1. Kuldhara

Kuldhara, also recognized as the ‘Ghost Village of Rajasthan’ is careful to be one of the most haunted places in India. This sole mysterious place needs to be on your must-visit catalog. This deserted rural community does make you feel sad and speculate what the poor people of the village might have gone from end to end that made them decide to flee their homes all night along with people of 84 other villages.

  1. Sunset point-

As the sun transforms itself from a brilliant harsh ball of fire to a soothing fair-haired, the redness starts filling up the heavens and the city below also gets tinted in gold. It’s a visual treat to see the fort rotating golden due to the soft rays of the location sun. If you like photography you will get plenty opportunities to clack the evening colors of the heavens, the fort, the golden metropolis and the monuments standing tall against the theatrical backdrop of the sky.

There are various places to visit near Desert national park. If you want to visit those places too, easily hire a Get Cab India taxi service for Desert National Park Taxi with Car rental in Jaisalmer and make your trip a memorable one. Mostly people visit there in winters from October to March.

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