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Ancient Mysteries About Jaisalmer You Must Know

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Ancient Mysteries About Jaisalmer You Must Know

Ancient Mystries by Get cab India
July 25, 2019
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Jaisalmer, an ancient city, has a beautiful story revolving around it. The Golden City is a mystery in itself. When it comes to the places around it, you ought not to miss out on any. Here is a shortlist of what are the exciting stories and the places you must visit.

1. Tanot Mata Temple

Ancient Mystries by Get Cab India

At the Longewala border in Rajasthan, the Tanot Mata tells a miraculous tale. It is said that, at wartime, the deity didn’t let any Pakistani tank bomb explode. In the wars, more than 3,000 bombs were dropped, but none exploded. After the war, the Pakistani General asked his counterpart in India about this incident, and after knowing the story of the temple that protected the area, the Pakistani General went to the temple to pay his respects and acknowledged the supernatural happening.

One can see some of those bombs in the Museum built by BSF inside the temple premises. You can visit this place to understand more about its story and visit the Museum. To know more about this ancient mysteries book a car rental in Jaisalmer from Get Cab India.

2. Kuldhara

Ancient Mystries by Get Cab india

‘The Ghost Village of Rajasthan’ is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India. It was abandoned for unknown reasons. Though, it is said that the new rules of the diwan made the villagers flee from their houses overnight or possibly due to the dwindling water supply. These people cursed that no one will ever be able to live here.

This unique and mysterious place is a must go on your visit list. It is a complete spooky adventure tour and will keep you interested in understanding more about the story of the people.

3. Khaba Fort

Ancient mystries by Get Cab India

It is another fascinating place, which was deserted for mysterious reasons. Once inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins, the fort still has the ruins of the homes of the families that used to live here more than 200 years ago. The fort offers a breath-taking view of the vast expanse of the desert around. Take a tour of the small Museum that carries ancient artifacts.

There is not so much of a human activity seen in the area, while you can see several peacocks around the fort. This fort is around 40 Km from Kuldhara. Located at an approx distance of 35 km from Jaisalmer city, it is a must-visit for all the photographers and adventure seekers. To visit this place contact Get cab India for their best car rental service in Jaisalmer to know more about ancient mysteries.

4. Bada Bagh

Bada bagh by get Cab India

Bada Bagh is a garden complex surrounding by dense trees & orchards built by the son of the Rawal Jait Singh III, Maharawal Lunkaran Singh. Amidst of it are the royal cenotaphs & cremation ground for the Rajputs, the members of the royal family.

Jait Singh commissioned a dam to create a water tank during his reign in the 16th century which made the desert green in this area. This dam stands useful till the date for the conservation of water. There are around 104 cenotaphs constructed around this place. The last chhatri of Jawahar Singh dates from the 20th century and remains unfinished after independence.

5. The Silk Route

Ancient history by Get cab India

A 2,000-year-old trading route that connected China to Turkey and Italy via India and Central Asia. The Thar once witnessed a mirage more improbable than water. The risk of being robbed on the way and facing treacherous terrain the merchants required stops in between. This place provided a rest spot and water and food to the people for a night or two and carried the promised of the haven. You can visit here and enjoy the shops that provide the patchwork quilts, textiles, bed covers, tapestry, clothes, belt, bags, tablecloth, scarf, room ornaments cushion covers and wall hangings and a lot many things put together from the village and tribal textiles. All products are originally designed and handcrafted, traditional and unique. You can find only one item all over the world! They are also the wholesale provider for the shop dealers.

There are still a lot many things more to know about this place and experience the ancient mysteries of the past. You will always want to know about them, and the glass will seem a little empty until you see it. Travel with Get Cab India, to understand what more can be explored in the city. Get the best car hire services in Jaisalmer and cherish the day along the way.

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