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History of Jodhpur

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History of Jodhpur

History of Jodhpur by Get Cab India
July 11, 2019
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The second major city of Rajasthan, with the most splendid and royal past, welcomes you to experience the nobility of the people and its imperial nature. Jodhpur, also called the Blue City, has a lot of glorious stories to share with the people who visit here. It is also known for its people and is known to be called as Sun City as it enjoys bright and sunny weather all around the year. Here are few ways through which you can experience some part of the history of Jodhpur.


Mehrangarh Fort by Get Cab India

Build around 1460 A.D. by Rao Jodha; this fort is one of the largest and well-known historical places of INDIA. This unconquerable fort stands 400 feet above the city gloriously and is enclosed by imposing thick walls. Inside it lays magnificent architecture of Temple, museum, paintings and many chronicle events.

Its beautiful past dignifies each one of the places. These hills were known as Bhakurcheeria, the mountain of birds.Entry to the fort is gained through a series of seven gates. The most famous among them all being:

Jai Pol “The Gate of Victory” built to celebrate the victory of the Maharaja, over the war with Bikaner and Jaipur.Other attractions are the Palanquins, Cannons, Turban gallery, Mataji Temple, Geological Monuments.

The fort has musicians performing and many movies, like the Dark Knight Rises, are shot here, for its astonishing view. If you are an adventurous person, then you can also have an opportunity to go zip-lining with Mehrangarh Fort as the backdrop. Spend at least 4 hours here during a cool day to encounter the best experience. To visit this beautiful place Get cab India can help you by providing Car rentals in Jodhpur so that you have a hassle-free experience to know about the history of Jodhpur.

Entry fee:

For International Tourists (includes the audio) = 600 INR per person

For the Domestic Tourists = 70 INR per person

Opening hours: Sunday to Saturday – 9:00 hours –17:00 hours


History of Jodhpur at Jaswant Thada by Get Cab India

If you are going to Mehrangarh Fort, this is not something to miss on! Your Get Cab driver will himself suggest you, to travel to this place along with the fort. This is coupled with the trip, and you do not have to wait for another day to travel to this place. This place, also known as Taj Mahal of Marwar, is a cluster of majestic cenotaphs in white marble. Build in 1899; the interior is adorned with portraits of Rathore rulers. You can have a stunning view of the Umaid Bhawan Palace.

The place looks its best at night and has the air circulation in a way which creates a cooling effect at the daytime. You will notice here that it is more of a temple where deceased rulers are worshipped. It has greenery all around, which gives a sense of serenity. The pond of Gods here is known to be the traditional cremation ground for the Jodhpur royals. If you want to know more about the history of Jodhpur then Get Cab India can help you

Entry fee:
For International Tourists (includes the audio) = 30 INR per person

For the Domestic Tourists = 15 INR per person

Opening hours: Sunday to Saturday – 9:00 hours –17:00 hours


History of Jodhpur at Umaid Bhawan Palace by Get Cab India

The other day of your tour to Jodhpur should include this place. When it comes to witnessing the lives of the kings of Jodhpur (Maharajas) and are fascinated to know about their lives in ancient times, then this is a must visit place for you. This place is named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, Grandfather of the current owner Maharaja Gaj Singh. The palace, built for a noble cause, is one of the largest and prominent private residences in the world.

The museum is one of the highlights, with a vast collection of interesting artifacts. A wide-ranging collection of clocks, vintage cars belonging to the royal family and elegant miniature paintings are bound to fascinate you.

You can get a good glimpse of the palace by having a pricey dinner at one of the restaurants inside, cooked by the chefs of the Maharaja, or by visiting the museum. And if you can afford $600 or more per night for a room, you can experience the complete imperial life of the kings. To reach this place Get Cab India is providing you there best services by Car Rental in Jodhpur so that you can know more about the history of Jodhpur.

Entry fee:

Umaid Bhawan Palace:

For International Tourists (includes the audio) = 50 INR per person

For the Domestic Tourists = 25 INR per person

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum:

For International Tourists (includes the audio) = 100 INR per person

For the Domestic Tourists = 30 INR per person

Opening hours:

Umaid Bhawan Palace Sunday to Saturday – 9:00 hours –17:00 hours

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum: Monday to Saturday – 10:00 hours –17:00 hours (approx.)


History of Jodhpur at Mandore Garden by Get Cab India

It is one of the most beautiful places for sightseeing and spending your evening in the middle of nature. This trip may take you back in time to witness the culture and the wars the heroes have fought. There are statues carved in stone and flamboyant, Shrines of 300 million Gods.

Brimming with cenotaphs and temples, the place also contains a small museum. The fantastic architecture and its history make it worth visiting. It is also a favorite picnic spot of the locals. If you like monkeys, then you will find plenty here, but beware as these smart animals may snatch your phones. Know more about the history of Jodhpur by visiting this place.

Entry fee: Free

Opening hours:

Garden: Sunday to Saturday – 9:00 hours –20:00 hours

Museum: Sunday to Thursday – 9:00 hours –18:00 hours


History of Jodhpur at The Step Well by Get Cab India

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, an Old City pond is the site to relish the traditional food and enjoy the unique architecture. It was established in the 1740s, constructed by the Queen of Maharaja Abhay Singh. After the shopping and visiting the local streets, this place will help you relax and have a superb view of the place.

The place is also called Toorji’s Step Well or Toorji Ka Jhalra. You can also go out into the streets to have tea with some snacks. It serves alcohol, although its menu is limited. Know about the history of Jodhpur by experiencing it.

Entry fee: Free

Opening hours:

Sunday to Saturday – 12:00 hours –22:30 hours


History of Jodhpur at Kailana Lake by Get Cab India

Located on the western part of the city, Kailana Lake is yet another artificial lake constructed in the year 1872 by Pratap Singh. Though you cannot find it good for swimming but you can sail on a boat and enjoy the stunning look at the time of sunset. You can even have a picnic near the place and have a peaceful time watching the birds. It is the best place to unwind leisure after a hectic day of roaming at different places.

You can sit here for 2 hours and head to another destination with Get Cabs, to get the breathtaking view of the next destination. 

Entry fee: Free

Opening hours:

Sunday to Saturday – Sunrise to Sunset.


Machiya Safari Park by Get Cab India

It is a beautiful biological wonderland in which resides many kinds of beautiful animals and birds. It is best for nature lovers located about 8.5 km from the city. It is a host to a variety of flora and fauna and is also a good place to find fantastic biodiversity.

Wildlife enthusiasts or photographers can find it most attractive and going in a group is the best way to get the most out of this place.

Nilgai, desert fox, monitor lizard, deer, and many other fascinating animals can be seen here, who have made the Machiya Safari Park their natural habitat.

Entry fee: Free

Opening hours:

Sunday to Saturday – 08:00 hours –17:30 hours (Except Tuesdays)


Almost everything in the city has a story behind its existence. There is always something or the other hidden in everything that you can know. Get Cab India’s services is all you need to know to tell you the stories of the past. Get the best car hire services and live history of Jodhpur.

Know all about the cultural shocks of Jodhpur before traveling here. 

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