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Why Do You Need To Rethink About Your Plan?

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Why Do You Need To Rethink About Your Plan?

Jaisalmer tourist places by Get cab India
August 3, 2019
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There is always a doubt when you think about going out for vacations. Where to eat, stay, or even travel! You need to rethink the plan and come to a conclusion as to what you will be doing. The most important being the place where you can stay and do the rest of the calculations. Here is the quick list of locations, where you can visit, while you are in Jaisalmer deciding your trips. Here are some Jaisalmer tourist places:

1. Golden Haveli 

Golden Haveli by Get cab India

Golden Haveli offers an outdoor swimming pool with elegant rooms and private balconies. There is all the luxury provided in the room including a flat-screen satellite TV, a spacious wardrobe electric kettle, a study table, and a mini-bar cold shower facility. You can enjoy the weather during your stay here. You can have a break from your journey by relaxing in the pool. The food here is served fresh and authentic traditional cuisine and western dishes as well, which can be relished by all its visitors. 

It is located at just 15 minutes distance from the Fort. The guests are taken care of all their requirements and are given the utmost comfort during their stay here. You can visit the places you wish while they work for you. Other facilities include a bar, free parking, WiFi, outdoor pool, and Laundry services. 

2. Shahi Palace

Shahi Palace by Get cab India

The Palace, like architecture, gives the best sense of royal tradition and provides an understanding of authentic culture. For an unforgettable experience in Jaisalmer and a memorable journey, this is the best choice for your stay. Located near the Sonar Qila (Jaisalmer Fort) the Palace offers a good view and is beautifully carved with stoned doorways and windows. The silk pillows and bolsters provide old-world charm to the award-winning rooftop terrace. With all the modern amenities and the Marwari charm, this place recreates the bygone era. Sandstone walls, polished stone floors, and all the rooms are individually decorated with classic Rajasthani decor throughout. Offering a range of comfortable rooms and a relaxed terrace and chilled rooftop restaurant, Shahi Palace provides a magnificent view to the visitors. Experience this Jaisalmer tourist place by booking a car rental service in Jaisalmer.

3. Suryagarh Palace 

Jaisalmer tourist place by Get Cab India

Fashionably designed with luxurious interiors, Suryagarh Palace has a magnificent courtyard with extravagant Rajasthani architecture. The elegant rooms, with traditional handcrafted furnishings and heritage art crafts. Each room has fitted mini-bar flat-screen TV and bathtub and shower facilities. Best in excellence, comfort, and consistency, the place is the best spot for destination weddings. It has the region’s first spa, Rait, which provides the best rejuvenating massage treatments. The Nosh restaurant serves both Indian and International dishes, while the legend of Marwar offers Rajasthani food with Indian music and dance. Wine and cocktails may also be enjoyed at the Draksh Lounge other than the fine dining. 

4. Gulaal 

Jaisalmer tourist place by Get Cab India

Gulaal is a boutique haveli that is built in the traditional Jaisalmeri architecture with Mughal pillars. It provides peace and ethnic feels while living amidst the desert. The unmatched hospitality and unparallel view of the Fort add to your experience of the Jaisalmer culture. It offers traditional haveli to stay with luxury and all the modern amenities. It has all the ingredients of a remnant of a great city and offers a swimming pool and spa facility also. The hotel is built with golden sandstone and is adorned with traditional furniture and typical Rajasthani textiles. Experience the best Rajasthani cuisine and some delectable Indian dishes. They also offer International cuisine and is one of the most vibrant and elegant destinations for all travelers.  

5. Marriot Resort

Marriot Resort by Get cab India

Encounter the best five-star hotel and experience an oasis of charm with the best services and exceptional amenities. Be surrounded by a fascinating architecture and beauty of the bygone era and enjoy the royal city. Facilities that you can find here include outdoor swimming pool, kids’ zone, fitness center, Quan Spa, multinational cuisine, rooftop Wyra Restaurant. You can have your meetings and celebrations indoors or outdoors around the lush lawn. The place is located a few minutes from shopping destinations and is the top tourist attraction in the city. It also provides a good view of the vast dunes and highlights the elaborate Havelis and the Fort. To experience these luxurious Jaisalmer tourist places book a car from Get cab India for a comfortable trip and that too at an affordable price. 

Be sure about what you need to do after reaching the hotel room and find something interesting with Get Cab India. Now you can explore more with the best car hire services in Jaisalmer.

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