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Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden is one of the famous spots in Jodhpur. Jodhpur is renowned for its culture, tradition, and royalty. Mandore Garden, 9 kilometres away from the Jodhpur city but is the abandoned and forgotten city of the rulers of Jodhpur. This charming garden has royal cenotaphs that attract many tourists to explore its architecture and the beauty of the garden. If you spend time in this garden, then you will eventually feel very relaxed and pleasant in this excellent environment. Book your mandore Garden Tour by Get Cab India & make your trip a memorable one.

Highlights of Mandore Garden, Jodhpur

  • Address: Mandore, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342007, India
  • Timings: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Entry fees:0 for Garden, Rs. 50 per person for the Museum entry
  • Timings of the Museum: 9 am to 6 pm


History of Mandore Garden

The history of the Mandore garden dates back to the 6th century. Pratiharas of Mandavyapura was the ruler of Mandore at that time. Rao Chunda, the king of the Rathore dynasty, married the Princess of Pratiharas. Rao Chunda got Mandore Junagarh Fort as dowry. After some time, in 1427, Rao Rinmal Rathore was the ruler of Mandore who was also the administrator of the Mewar kingdom till 1438. Rana Khumba, the Mewar ruler, overtook the throne of Mandore by killing Rao Rinmal. During the murder of Rao Rinmal, his son escaped and made many efforts to recapture the Mandore, but all of his efforts went in vain. In 1453, Rao Jodha ruled Mandore.

After several invasions, Mandore became the capital of Jodhpur Kings. There are many dynasties which invaded Mandore like Muslim rulers of Malwa and Gujarat. To protect Mandore, the Jodhpur capital was changed to Mehrangarh Fort as it was safe for the wealth of the kingdom.

This ancient place was left uncared that followed abandonment. All that is left today is the Mandore garden that survived with time and reminded the tourists it’s glorious past.

How can you reach Mandore Garden?

By road, you can easily reach to Mandore Garden from Jodhpur as it is only 9km away from the city. You can book a Mandore Garden tour by Get Cab India & cab will reach your desired destination & pick you up. Just Book & Stay Calm Our team will make your trip a memorable one.

Mandore Garden Attractions

A beautiful tourist spot around 9 kilometres away from Jodhpur houses the hall of heroes, a temple of 33 Crore gods, Government Museum, and Royal Cenotaphs. Let us have a closer look at these attractions:

  • Garden of Mandore
    The garden of Mandore offers a pleasant environment with beautiful trees. It was spotted with small lakes along with birds and fishes. People are allowed to feed the fishes. The peaceful environment has something different from city life.
  • Royal cenotaphs and architectural style of Mandore
    Mandore garden has a collection of temples and memorials of the Marwar dynasty. Chhatris or royal cenotaphs are the main attraction of this garden. The temples and the memorial exhibit a high and unique architectural style, which is quite elegant. The cenotaphs of the Marwar kings are made of red stone. The architectural style of these cenotaphs reminds us of the glory of Rajasthan.
    The major attraction among all the cenotaphs is the cenotaph of Maharaja Ajit Singh which was built in 1793. This cenotaph is the combination of temple and cenotaph and is the largest among other cenotaphs. The designing of interiors and the impressive architectural design depict the legacy of the architect of Hindus.
  • Hall of Heroes
    Another spot in Mandore garden is the Hall of Heroes. This spot presents the history of the folk fighters of the great Rajputs. The walls of this hall are entirely equipped with mesmerizing paintings and also the rock statues of the Rajput heroes. This hall of heroes depicts the locality of heroes like Pabuji and Chamunda. The exciting part is that 16 heroic figures in this Hall of Heroes are carved out from a single rock.
  • 33 crore gods Temple
    In the Mandore garden, there is a huge Hindu temple with several images of Hindu deities and their beautiful paintings. This temple symbolizes the great artists of ancient times. The photos are Lucent coloured in which the 33 crore gods are designed.
  • Government Museum of Mandore Garden
    In the Mandore garden, the government museum is one more attraction. The museum displays the artifacts and the ancient antiquity of this region. All of the artifacts found in this region are safely displayed in the museum. To experience the history that dates back to the 6th century, you surely need to visit this Government museum which will cost per person a ticket of Rs.50.
  • Play of Langur Monkey’s
    In the garden of Mandore, a lot of Langur’s roam every day. Langur monkeys create nuisance here, which is quite attractive for the visitors. But these monkeys are aggressive. Many troupes of the monkeys roam around the lake. If you climb the hill, you can watch the ruined fort of Mandore along with its palace, Ravana Temple.

Above listed are some of the famous attractions of Mandore Garden which will take you back to the ancient times. If you are in Jodhpur or near the blue city then, go for Get Cab India who will offer you the reasonable Car Rental in Jodhpur. Our Jodhpur Taxi service will be most comfortable for you.

Famous attractions near Mandore Garden:

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