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Jodhpur to Khimsar Tour

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Jodhpur to Khimsar Tour

Jodhpur to Khimsar Tour

Jodhpur is one of the most famous and most significant cities of the entire Marwar region. If you are planning to make a Jodhpur to Khimsar tour, you are on the right page after your search. Khimsar journey vindicates you with a lifetime experience towards Thar Dessert and camel safari all over the area.

Jodhpur to khimsar takes 92km by road which will take around 2hrs to reach, and there are many travelling services available. You can take a cab with affordable price with Get cab India service which provides all cab services in Jodhpur.

All about Khimsar

Khimsar is famous for its beautiful golden sand, camel safari, sand dunes and much more. It is present on the edge of great thar dessert in Jodhpur. Khimsar is mostly surrounded by dunes and endless desserts.

This holds historic forts, temples in the middle of the interminable deserts. There is also a water body in Khimsar which is unexpected in this desert place.

You can visit ancient Jains and Hindu temples here. Earlier it was Rajputana’s best royal dynasty between Jodhpur and Bikaner.

This place is far away from the crowded city; it has a calm nature surrounded by clean deserts. That’s why the city people will quickly fall in love with this great place.

The main attraction of Khimsar lies in rigorous construction and rough walls. Many forts and temples have a significant design with its beautiful structure.

History of Khimsar, Jodhpur

Khimsar is a town that is founded by Raokaramsiji who is the 8th son of Rao Jodha. The Jodhpur was found by Rao Jodha. Khimsar Fort was built in the 16th century. This Fort has witnessed many battles of that time.

Khimsar fort is partially used for survival place. It is built to make them safe from enemies attack as the area is still safe.

The Fort shows evidence of a war on its golden walls. It was one of the most famous and enemy breaker place because of magnificent temples, dunes, and endless desserts. This place has been placed in tourist maps as it is very well known by its name and a great history.

How to Reach Khimsar from Jodhpur?

To reach Khimsar, there are many transport services available offline and online. If you have decided to explore khimsar while you are in Jodhpur, you can go through cab. We, the Get cab India offer cabs at affordable prices. Jodhpur taxi booking is available at our end for making your trip awesome. We offer you with Car Rental in Jodhpur.

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From Jodhpur, it is 92km which is around 2hrs to reach khimsar by road

If you want to travel by bus, you can get it by early morning.

To make your trip great and add an extra edge with hassle free travelling experience to here and there make sure you choose for the right one. You can search for cabs, car rentals, bus, taxis..etc. choose it accordingly and make your choice

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Places to explore in Khimsar, Jodhpur

Khimsar is well known for its endless desserts, dunes, old Jain Hindu temples, and a camel safari. Besides this, there are a lot much to explore and to enjoy.  Let us see one by one.

  •     Khimsar Fort
    To see and experience ancient architecture you can visit this place, this fort evidence some signs of war on its rugged walls.This Fort is built to keep people safe. In this Fort, you will be able to remember the old times of Khimsar. You will see how the Rajputana thakur’s ruled this area.  Later how they formed up to build this Fort and what was the objective to built this fort. If you love exploring the history, then you should not miss this place. This Fort provides a beautiful view of desert sand.
  •    Khimsar Dunes Village
    The Khimsar Dunes Village is a mere 15-minute drive from the Fort.This place shows the example of Rajasthani rural life. It is 16km away from the central city. This tiny village is nestled around the lake.To reach here, there are no transport services available.  You can only go through taxis. You will enjoy camel safari or jeep rides.On the way to this village, you will see endless desert and sand dunes with some lake pounds.
  •    Osian
    It is a small town situated around 27km from Khimsar. In Osian, you will see many Jain temples, Hindu temples where some of them are ruined.
  •    Nagaur
    It takes around 1 hr to reach Nagaur. It is about 43 km away from Khimsar. It is famous for cattle fair, which happens at a specific time. The visitors come here to see camel racing which is organized to entertain visitors. Nagaur is also like a small village, the people here buy sell the animals and exchange all products related to animals mostly camel.
  •    Jodhpur
    Jodhpur was found by Rao Jodha. It is a flourishing urban center. Khimsar is very close to the city of Jodhpur. The Jodhpur previously was ruled by powerful Mewar rulers who took Jodhpur to a new success. In Jodhpur, you can explore so many human-made temples, forts, deserts parks, etc.  Jodhpur is the central city of attraction in Rajasthan.

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