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Vintage Car Museum

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Vintage Car Museum

Vintage Car Museum

Vintage Car Museum is a perfect place for automobile and car lovers, which is located at a nearby distance from the amazing City Palace. This car museum is a different place to visit after exploring various forts, castles and pristine lakes in the city of Udaipur. The museum comprises of a unique collection of cars and automobile models which were used in the older times by the Mewar Dynasty of Udaipur. The Rajput rulers from Mewar dynasty were quite wealthy which was the result of a luxurious and royal lifestyle. One can get a glimpse of royal cars like Mercedes and Rolls Royce which were made customarily and owned by various members of the Royal family of Mewar. The premises were earlier the place for Mewar State Motor Garage or the Palace Garage, but presently the museum is under the HRH group which is owned by Rana Shri Arvind Singh Mewar who is the current heir of the Mewar family.


It was on 15th February, 2000 when the Vintage and Classic Car Museum, or Vintage and Classic Car Collection was opened for the general public. This astonishing museum was inaugurated by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. All the vehicles whether from the past or present which belonged to the Maharanas of the Mewar Dynasty have been showcased at this museum. Mewar State Motor Garage is the place where the collection of all these luxury cars have been housed, which is the current location of the museum. Within the premises of garage’s grounds, Garden Hotel and Restaurant which is a property of HRH Group of Hotels, Udaipur is situated. The museum is also home to one of the original Shell Petrol Pump, which is still believed to be in a usable condition.


  • Location: Gulab Bagh Road, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • Timings: 9:30 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Entry Fee: INR 250 per person for Adults
  •  INR 100 per person for Children

Some of the interesting highlights and facts of this Vintage Car Museum are as follow, the founder of England’s National Motor Museum Lord Montagu from Beulieu inaugurated this unique place. It must be noted that the cars which are displayed in the museum are as sold as seventy years but still they are in perfect working condition. The most prominent and famous cars which are available for public access in the museum includes rare car models like, Mercedes models, Rolls Royce, 1936, Vauxhall, 1937 Open Models, and 1939 Cadillac open convertibles. It is believed that most of the cars which have been placed in the museum were customised in accordance with the requirements of Mewar rulers who were the respective owners of these royal cars. The collection of all these royal cars has been placed in the Palace Garage which is popularly known as the Mewar State Motor Garage, which is situated at a far-off place which is free from the hustle and bustle of the main city. A visit at this amazing museum is a must for having a one in a kind experience for a lifetime.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Vintage Car Museum is in winters that is during the months of October to March. The summers in the city like Udaipur is pain strikingly hot and can easily drain the excitement of the visitor. Therefore, to indulge into the unique journey of vintage cars and automobiles, the months during the winters are best suited for a visit to the museum.

How to visit Jagdish Temple

Vintage Car Museum is located on the Lake Palace Road near the Gulab Bagh Zoo in the City of Udaipur. The city is well connected through various modes of transport including rail, road and airways. One can reach this museum through use of personal vehicle or taxis, if planning to visit this museum by taxi one can Hire Cab in Udaipur provided by Get Cab India.

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If you feel like indulging into the grandiose lifestyle of the Mewar families, then a visit to this amazing museum is a must, one can plan to visit this place by opting for Taxi Service in Udaipur provided by Get Cab India.

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