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Tanot Mata Mandir

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Tanot Mata Mandir

Tanot Mata Mandir

Tanot Mata is a temple in western State of Rajasthan in District Jaisalmer of India. As per the oldest Charan literature Tanot Mata is an incarnation of divine goddess Hinglaj Mata. The village is close to the border with Pakistan, and is very close to the battle site of Longewala of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, indeed some credit the temple for the outcome of the battle.[1] Tourists cannot go beyond this temple to see the Indo–Pak Border unless one gets the relevant documentation in advance from the District and Military Authorities. It is now a tourist destination in India. The area is said to have oil and gas reserves. To visit this place you can book a cab servive for Tanot Mata Taxi service from Get Cab India for your amazing and hassle-free experience.

It Is Known For:

  •  Tanot Rai Mata Mandir is known for its miracles. It is said that due to the blessings of the Goddess, the Indian army was able to fight the war and was victorious.
  •  This temple is deeply revered by the BSF at Longewala in Jaisalmer. The soldiers perform the aarti on a daily basis of the shrine.
  •  A small museum  dedicated to the Indian army houses the unexploded bombs that were dropped by the army of Pakistan during the war.
  •  On all the Hindu festivals, Tanot Rai Mata Mandir is decorated beautifully and is visited by the devotees on a large scale.


It is said that during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Pakistani Army dropped over 3000 bombs targeting the temple but not even one exploded! The Pakistani Tank regiment was stupefied and kept shelling but not one bomb exploded. After the war the Pakistani General actually asked his counterpart in India about this incident and on knowing the story of the power of the temple that apparently protected the area he asked to see this place. This request was granted and the Pakistani General actually went to the temple and paid his respects and acknowledged the supernatural happening. After the war the temple management was handed over to Border Security Force of India on their request and to date the temple is maintained and manned by the BSF soldiers. The temple has a museum which has collections of the unexploded bombs that were shot by Pakistani tanks. In 1971 again when Pakistan and India went to war this area was again targeted by the Pakistani Tanks for 4 days but again all the tanks were stuck in the sand and the Indian Air Force picked them out easily by bombing them where they stood as they were unable to move even one inch. Over 200 Pakistani tank troops were killed here and the majority actually left their stuk tanks and ran for their lives. This Temple has protected the area that is only 10 km from the border outpost and the faith is such that the army and BSF soldiers still stop at this temple and apply the sand on their foreheads and also to their vehicles which keeps them safe and their journeys fruitful. The legend is since 1965 and was re-affirmed in 1971 and it is a recorded fact that each and every enemy soldier who dared to attack this area was killed. The Population of Tanot Village is 492 Person having 49 Household.[3] The place is close to the Pakistan border, an infertile land, and is prone to enemy attacks. The governments of both countries have planted land mines in the area. Animals like camel or cattle are the worst sufferer of these devices.

How to reach Tanot Mata Mandir?

The temple is some 122 kilometers (76 mi) from the City of Jaisalmer, and it takes about two hours to reach by road. This holy place can easily be reached through any mode of transport including rail because it is well connected with all the major cities of Rajasthan. One can also visit this holy place through the medium of road transport. One can also opt for the Tanot Mata Taxi from Car Rental in Jaisalmer services provided by Get Cab India, the company which is an expert in providing the best in class services and that too at a reasonable price.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is November – January, when the temperature is not likely to be extremely high. Taxis can be hired from Jaisalmer After completing this pilgrimage trip, you can plan a camel safari in the Thar Desert or plan a sightseeing trip of the majestic forts of Jaisalmer. For booking taxis one should opt for Car rental in Jaisalmer for Tanot Mata Taxi service from Get Cab India.

Places to explore near:

  • Gadisar Lake

    This enchanting and peaceful lake is considered to be one of the prominent places of the Golden City of Jaisalmer which was first built as an artificial lake by first Maharaja of the city Raja RawalJaisal. This lake is situated at a distance of around 100 kilometers from this holy place and is a must-visit for all those looking for serenity in the midst of all the chaos in life.

  • Nathmal ji ki Haveli

    This Nathmal Ji kihaveli was commissioned to serve as the residence of Diwan MohataNathmal, the then Prime Minister of Jaisalmer. Maharawal Beri Sal commissioned the construction of this Haveli. The architects of this haveli were Hathi and Lulu who happened to be brothers. There is a very interesting story regarding its construction. It is said that the two brothers started building different facets of haveli simultaneously. In those days there were no such instruments, which could keep a track on continuity and thus when this building came up finally it had irregular shape.

If you are a religious person and wishes to pay your homage and respect to this idol figure, then a visit to this ancient and magnificent temple located in the district of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is a must. The experience of visiting a temple which is known for its faith and purity is one of the best. To make one’s journey comfortable and memorable one can avail the Tanot Mata Taxi from Car Rental in Jaisalmer service provided by one and only Get Cab India which provides with the world-class facilities at a reasonable and affordable price.

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