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Sajjangarh Palace

Sajjangarh Palace

Sajjangarh Palace is former royal residence of Mewar Dynasty and is situated on a hill top on the outskirts of the city of Udaipur. The royal palace is named upon its patron Maharana Sajjan Singh who ordered the construction of the palace which got completed in the year 1884. Initially, the place was constructed as a nine-storeyed observatory to be used for astronomical purposes with a view of analysing the movement of monsoon clouds which could be easily looked from the palace because of its hill top location at strategic vantage point known as Bansdara Peak. This is the reason why the palace is also known as Monsoon Palace. The palace is believed to have created various opportunities of employment for different subjects. But because of an early death of Maharana Sajjan Singh the purpose could not be fulfilled. Afterwards, the palace was converted into a place of recreation by Maharana Fateh Singh. During those times, the place was primarily used as a lodge for hunting by the royal family of Mewar and their guests. The architectural design of the palace is one of those styles from contemporary times displaying the fascinating architecture of Rajput which is completed with high towers, balconies, turrets and pillars. The ancient palace is believed to have distinct scientific techniques for accomplishing the purpose of rainwater harvesting during the older times.


The history of the Sajjangarh Palace dates back to the existence of the Mewar Kingdom. The primary and the initial builder of the magnificent palace, Maharana Sajjan Singh was the seventy-second ruler of the Mewar Dynasty from 1874 to 1884. At the small age of only 15 years, Sajjan Singh came to the power and sat on the throne.

In 1876, Sajjan Singh was finally given the title of Maharana. He was considered to be a “man of vision” and worked for various developmental programmes and activities during his tenure as a ruler in the kingdom. He made consistent efforts towards the enlargement of infrastructure facilities including roads, water supply and other civil works. It was only under his rule that civil administration and courts were established in the city of Udaipur. It is believed that building of Sajjangarh Palace was the most ambitious project of Sajjan Singh, the construction of which was inspired from the backdrop of the Western style in the City of Lakes. The only reason for which Udaipur gained recognition as a second Municipality after Bombay was the works of Sajjan Singh which he did under his rule. It was only because of his works due to which he was given the title of “Grand Commander of the Star of India” by Lord Ripon when Queen Victoria was crowned as the Empress of India.


  • Location: Kodiyat, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Rs 10 per person for Indians
    Rs 80 per person for Foreigners
    Rs 20 per person for Video Camera

Sajjangarh Palace is located in the surrounding regions of Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a beautiful place and is home to several royal and rare wildlife creatures and birds. One can get a deep insight into the intricacies of style and design of the old palace by exploring its grandeur structural complex. After that, one can enjoy a safari ride in the wildlife sanctuary. One can also think of trekking towards the wildlife reserve for having an adventurous experience.

Best Time to Visit:

It is a fact without a doubt that Monsoon is the best season to visit this magnificent palace. As its name suggest, during the months of July to September, the true essence and beauty of Monsoon Palace can be explored. A visit to this place during summer season is not a good idea, because temperature reaches at its peak during this season. The months of winter can also be a good time to visit the palace but the visitor will not be able to experience the true beauty of the place during these months.

How to Visit:

Sajjangarh Palace which is prominently known as Monsoon Palace is located at a distance of around 5 km from the heart of the City of Lakes. Udaipur is a city which is well-connected by rail, road and air which makes a visit to this place a casual affair. One can hire Cabs in Udaipur provided by Get Cab India to visit this magnificent palace which is connected with the main city through a winding road which adds thrill and adventure to the travel experience of the visitor.

Places to Explore Nearby:

  • Bada Mahal
    Bada Mahal is an interesting structure, the existence of which dates back to 17th century. The Mahal is considered to be the Men’s section of the royal City Palace is known for Rajput-Mughal Architectural design. This grandeur structure is famous for its marvellous architecture and intricate designs. The Mahal is also known as the “Garden Palace” because of its perfectly manicured gardens and lawns. This place is an importance place of historical significance in the city of Udaipur.
  • City Palace
    City Palace is a magnificent palace which is situated on the banks of Lake Pichola and is believed to be the largest royal complex in the state of Rajasthan. The stupendous palace was the main seat of power of Maharana Udai Singh and was built in the year 1559. It was the place of living of Maharana and all the affairs of the kingdom were administered from this place. Later on, the palace was made marvellous by adding a number of structures in it by the successors. The beautiful palace is now an agglomeration of Mahals, courtyards, corridors, pavilions, terraces, rooms and hanging gardens. A museum is present in the royal palace which showcases the rich art and culture of Rajput which varies from intricate architectural designs found in Rajasthani palaces to painting rich in art and colour.

If you are planning of getting yourself involved in an adventurous and once in a lifetime experience, then a visit to this beautiful palace is a must by hiring Taxi Service in Udaipur provided by Get Cab India.

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