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Rajsamand Lake

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Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand lake is one of the most popular lakes of Udaipur. Located 66km in the north of Udaipur. The lake lies between Rajnagar and Kankroli near the town of rajsamand in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Rajsamand lake is also known by the name of Rajsamudra lake, it is approximately 1.75 miles wide, 4 miles long and 60 feet deep. The lake was built across the Gomati, kelwa and tali rivers.
People around the world come to rajasthan and visit this place as rajsamand lake is worth a visit. The beauty of this lake is astonishing and the peace one gets just looking at this beautiful creation of nature is outstanding.
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The water to the rajsamand lake is mainly supplied by the river Gomti. This lake also boasts of a glorious dam that was built in the 17th century. The river is a beautiful piece of Rajasthan that is worth a visit. The huge embankment of the river in the southern end of the lake is all covered in white marble. The beautiful marble terraces and stones steps touch the waters of the lake. Here, one can also have a glance at the five toranas, where maharana Raj Singh and his descendants organized the event of tuladan (Kings used to weigh themselves in gold and then distribute it among the brahmans).
“Nauchowki” or domicile nine pavilions, on the embankment of the lake which was constructed by Maharana Raj Singh. The beautifully carved pavilions are festooned with pictures of the sun, chariots, gods, birds and wonderful cravings.
There are also 27 marble slabs which are called as ‘raj prasasti’ on which the history of Mewar is beautifully inscribed in 1017 stanzas. It has also been acclaimed as one of the longest etchings acknowledged in India.
If we turn the pages of history, for over six years rajsamand lake also made the seaplane base of imperial airways during world war II. While visiting kankroli, one can enjoy the fabulous scenery of rajsamand lake from dwarkadhish temple that is discussed in our section of temples. Also, the most amazing view of the rajsamand lake can be traced while traveling to Kumbhalgarh. At the time of the sunset, the waters of the lake magically glitter with the startling light of the sun. The beauty of the scene can be witnessed at its best when the orange shade of the departing sun shades the waters of the lake.
One can seek pure peace of mind while taking a walk on the banks of rajsamand lake. The peace and beauty of the river take away all the stress and tension and provide a person with an absolute peace of mind. The scene is so beautiful, definitely a sight to behold forever.


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October to March is the best time to visit the lake. However, rajsamand is accessible throughout the year but during summers in the scorching heat of the sun might not be a good time to visit as the temperature rises to 42 degrees Celcius even in monsoons. The winters are relatively cooler with the days having an average temperature of 26 degrees Celcius while the nights are as cool as 9 degrees Celcius. Therefore winter time is the best time to visit the rajsamand lake as GET CAB INDIA also has many discounts during the tourist season. One can get a pocket-friendly tour of the beautiful places around the city when traveling via cabs in Udaipur.


There are few must-visit places ner rajsamand.

  • Haldi ghati

    it is a mountain pass between khamnore and bagicha village. The pass is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from Udaipur. The name ‘Haldighati’ is believed to have originated from the turmeric-colored yellow soil of the area.

  • Kumbalgarh fort

    it is a world heritage site included in hill forts of Rajasthan. The fort is now open to the public and is spectacularly lit for a few minutes each evening. It is the most important fort in Mewar after the Chittorgarh fort.

  • Kankroli Temple

    this temple is the biggest temple of Lord Dwarkadhish in Kankroli and ranks very high among all the temples of vallabhacharya. You will also come across the library that contains a huge compilation of old books. Kankroli temple has also maintained a band group.

All these places are a must-visit and the most convenient way of traveling to these places is no other than GET CAB INDIA. The best cab service in Udaipur that promises you an unforgettable visit to The White City.

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