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Pokhran Fort

Balagarh fort also known as Pokhran fort was built by Marwar Thakur, Rao Maldeo in the late 14th century. Pokhran fort is located at the rural area of the Thar Desert, it is was used by the Indian government for testing India’s first underground nuclear weapon detonation. Pokhran literally means the place of five mirages enclosed by sandy, salt ranges.There is a small temple made up of red sandstone as the fort is constructed for the Hindu goddesses Durga. The Fort has a museum showcasing the armory,paintings, and costumes that were worn by the kings of the past era. This royal Fort is enclosed by a large door with sharp spikes coming out to stop elephant stampede. The fort is surrounded by the village Pokhran, the people here are good by nature and they always welcome every traveler with a warm heart.There are many beauties of Pokhran that you can see and one of them is the community of the pot maker sand the weavers working at the market and also working at the sand and dunes feed the migratory birds that come from a nearby bird sanctuary of Bharatpur.This shows that people of Pokhran are kind and warm. The whole construction of the Pokhran fort was done by using sandstone as the construction material in the late 14th century.

The Fort consists of large pillars, jharokhas, chattris, and domes showcasing the mixture or blends of two different architectures. The architecture work done here is the blend of Indian and mutual style. The main hall of the Pokhran Fort is Mangal Nivas, which is uniquely built with octagonal shaped jharokhas that come out of the walls. The Fort looks small but there are many places (Mahal) like Rani Mahal, Hawa Mahal, and Phool Mahal. There is also a Library with a grand collection of books including journals, classics, documentaries, etc. The interiors of the Pokhran fort are decorated with regal colors and patterns. The arches, large pillars are beautifully carved mostly showcasing the Mughal architecture style. If you want to spend some quality time in the hotel then this place is a must-visit for you. Several rooms of the fort have been transformed into rooms for hotel guests which have a mixture of tradition and modern decoration that consists of heavy wooden doors, ceilings made of carved woods, marble flooring, antique furniture, a swimming pool, and the modern bathrooms. To reach this place you can book a Pokhran Fort taxi with Get Cab India.


Pokhran Fort also is known as Balagarh Fort was built by Marwar Thakur, Rao Maldeo in the 14th century. Marwar Thakur Rao Maldeo was the chief of champawats, the clan of Rathores of the state of Marwar-Jodhpur. The whole Fort was built by yellow sandstone as It is easily available in the nearby region. Although the Fort looks small, it is striking with its own character. There is a museum inside the fort which showcases many valuable things, there is also the displaying of the games played by the royal families in there free time. Fort Pokhran is open for visitors and is being currently run as a heritage hotel by the royal family of Pokhran. Before 1947, independence of India, the last jagirdar of Pokhran was Bhavani Singh of Pokhran and he was also elected to the first Loka Sabha in 1952. He was elected as an independent candidate in the election. It is also a religious place for Hindu’s as there is a temple for their goddesses Durga present at the entrance of the Fort. After knowing about its history you must be willing to visit this place so here Get Cab India helps you with providing Pokhran Fort Taxi service for your hassle-free trip.


It is located 110 km away from the center of Jaisalmer city. So, tourists have many options to reach here. Taxi’s in Jaisalmer are very difficult to find you can get a cab from GET CAB INDIA it is the best tourist service available with Car rental in Jaisalmer which offers cabs at an affordable price, anywhere in Rajasthan. Those who want to use public transportation, they can go to the Jaisalmer bus station and reach their destination which is 109 km away from the bus station. But we suggest that you should book a Pokhran Fort Taxi service provided by Get Cab India to make your trip a memorable one.


  1. If you are a patriot then this is a must-visit place for you as it has made history for Indians.
  2. A good Fort with ancient things preserved in it of Raja Ajmal and Baba Ramdev peer.
  3. At present everyone in India knows about the Pokhran and history related to it. Many stories have been written on it and also many movies are made on the backdrops of Pokhran nuclear test. So it has alot of information related to the history of Pokhran.
  4. It serves as a good stop to take rest, have lunch, etc between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.
  5. It provides a great opportunity to click some memorable pictures with family.


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  • AKAL WOOD FOSSIL PARK : The Akal wood fossil park is one of the destinations dedicated to the prehistoric era. It is located in distance of 17 km away from the Jaisalmer city. It is the pride of Jaisalmer city. A nearby Thaiyat area is a renowned place where the fossils and footprint of Pterosaurs were found and the existing fossils of gastropod shells imply that this region was a sea once upon a time.

This place is famous for its royalty and antiqueness. If you are looking to spend some quality time then the POKHRAN FORT is a must-visit place for you and the easiest way to reach here is through road transport and there are many options in road transportation like auto-rickshaw, government, buses, and cabs, etc but the best way to reach is through the cab and you can book the cab from GET CAB INDIA with Pokhran Fort Taxi service as it is the best transport service that you will get in whole Rajasthan with affordable prices.

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