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Patwon Ki Haveli

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Patwon Ki Haveli

Patwon Ki Haveli

Patwon ki Haveli is one of the major attractions in the city of Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan, which is considered as an architect of an era whose long past has gone. There exists a group of five cluster Havelis in Patwon ki Haveli which is small in size, and the outer part of the structure including its exteriors has an enlightening shade of gold which gives this haveli an enchanting look. So, if you haven’t seen this haveli then Get Cab India provides Jaisalmer taxi service with a best trip experience.


One of the essential Havelis in the city of Jaisalmer, Patwon Ji ki Haveli has an intricate style of architectural design which has its class. There are two reasons which make this haveli different from other Havelis in the city, the first reason being that it was the first ever Haveli to be ever built in Jaisalmer and secondly, this haveli comprises of a collection of clusters of 5 havelis. It was the year 1805 that the first among these five havelis was built and commissioned by Guman Chand Patwa and this haveli is considered to be the most extravagant amongst all. A trader by profession, Guman Chand Patwa was a wealthy and renowned personality of his time. It is believed that for the benefit of each of his five sons, he ordered the construction of each of the five stories which could be afforded by him. The development of all these structures got completed within 50 years. Within the first 60 years of the beginning of the 19th century, the construction of all the five houses was completed.

‘Mansion of Brocade Merchants’ was the name given to the Haveli by the legends. Due to the fact that the Patwa family were professional dealers of gold and silver which were majorly utilized in embroidering dresses of those times, it was believed that such kind of name would be the perfect one for the place. In a contrary opinion, it was asserted that there existed Smuggling of Opium and Money-lending among these traders, which proved to be the primary source of finance and income for them.

Not affected by all these allegations and assertions which were imposed upon them, one can explore the beautiful paintings and mirror-work which ha been perfectly done on the walls of the Haveli. In addition to that, there are several intricate gateways and arches, which are the significant facets of the Haveli. The unique depiction with regards to different individuals with a different theme for each of them can be easily noticed on the arch. The main entrance i.e., the gateway to the Patwon Ji ki Haveli is brown whereas the whole building can be seen of yellow which is made of yellow sandstone.


  • Address: No. 3129, Near Chura Para, Rajasthan 345001
  • Timings: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Entry fees: foreign visitors Rs- ₹100, Indian visitors: Rs.20
  • Camera Fees
  • Still Photos- Rs.50
  • Video- Rs.100
  • Availability of Guides
  • Guide charges- Ranges between Rs.100-200

How to visit Patwon Ki Haveli?

Patwon ki Haveli is located near the Patwa Complex in the heart of the city of Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan. The city of Jaisalmer is one of the major cities which is connected through various modes of transport, which includes Air, Rail, and Road. The transportation facility in the locality is excellent and is also quite reasonable. Auto Rickshaw is the cheapest mode of transportation is the standard way of commuting within the city. One can get an auto-rickshaw ride from a place which is at walking distance from the central Jaisalmer city. Also, one can use public or private means of transport. Since the streets and lanes in the nearby area going on foot is mostly recommended.  If one is not comfortable with the auto ride, then in such a case one can avail the services of Jaisalmer Taxi Service service from Get Cab India.

Best Time to Visit Patwon ki Haveli

  • Peak Season:

    Patwon ki Haveli is known for its exquisite architectural style and design, rich in heritage and culture, the weather of this beautiful place remains lively throughout the year. October and March are considered as one of the best months because during these months the weather at the place is moderate and pleasant. If you want to cherish the beauty of the Haveli, then a day-long stroll of the magnificent Haveli during these months would be the safest option.

  • November to February:

    The winter season can be considered as the best time to visit Patwon ki Haveli. Various tourists and travelers from all over the world visit this place during these days with the intent of exploring the Rajasthani culture and heritage, especially that of the city of Jaisalmer. The average temperate might vary from 15 to 23 degrees Celsius, whereas the lowest temperature will not go beyond 7 degrees Celsius.

  • April to June:

    Summer Season in the city is a mixture of both hot days and chilly nights because of the typical deserts cycle which exists in the region. Temperature can rise as high as 49 degrees Celsius during these months, thus making them the hottest months and causing a problem for tourists in enjoying the beauty of the Haveli to the fullest.

  • July to September:

    These months comprises of the monsoon season of the region. There are different sparks and charm of the Haveli during these rainy days. This season is considered to be an off season, therefore fewer travelers can be noticed visiting the Haveli during monsoon because the atmosphere becomes humid and the average amount of rainfall during these days ranges between 208 mm to 212 mm.

Sightseeing in Patwon ki Haveli

  • Significant artifacts and essential historical evidence can be looked into by tourists and visitors which are present at the office which is located within the complex of Patwon ki Haveli and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.
  • If one feels like obtaining a 360 degree or panoramic view of the courtyard of the Haveli then, in that case, there are several balconies and jharokhas located in the structure which are quite an important sight to explore the Haveli.
  • The splendid and extravagant design comprising of intricate miniature carvings and different types of mirror work in the arches, gateways, jharokhas, apartments located in the courtyard are a must watch and is a paradise for those who are photogenic and also for those who have an excellent choice in decoration which is wealthy and prosperous.
  • If one feels like exploring the cultural heritage and diversity of the state of Rajasthan, especially relating to the city of Jaisalmer, then the museum is a must go to the place which depicts the authentic style of living of the residents and the artwork which was prevalent in the ancient era.
  • Amongst the five Havelis, the first one is the most famous and popular among the tourists the reason being its majestic and royal architectural style for which considerable time is required to pay an actual visit to the exquisite Haveli which is the best design among all the five.
  • All in all, it can be easily said without a doubt that this Haveli is a treat to the eyes of the visitors and one should plan a trip to this marvelous and magnificent Haveli the sight of which is not only soul soothing but also lively.

Nearby Places of Interest

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