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Pachpadra Lake

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Pachpadra Lake

Pachpadra Lake

If you are in Jaisalmer then why not visit the famous Pachpadra lake too which is about
229 km from Jaisalmer. It will take around 3 hours 46 minutes to reach a Pachpadra lake from Jaisalmer. Pachpadra lake is one of the most visited spots by the tourists.

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Amongst the many saline lakes present in Rajasthan Pachpadra is one of the most famous ones. Pachpadra lake is a salt lake near Pachpadra in Barmer District, Rajasthan, India.

The level of sodium chloride is marked to be approximately 98% the lake also produces high-quality salt. The lake is spread over the area of a vast 25 sp. km and unlike many lakes in Rajasthan Pachpadra is a natural lake. However, the depth of the lake is something we are not sure about even now. You can also witness several exotic and unique variety of birds at the lake. This lake is a perfect spot for nature lovers, photographers and people who want to spend some peaceful time. The lake looks beautiful and can be a perfect picnic spot for family and friends. The weather at the lake is usually pleasant and the sparkling white water is eye candy to all. Quite often you can witness many activities at the lake by which the travelers can stay entertained. The Pachpadra lake is a famous tourist destination of the city.


The weather during the winter season from November to February is considered most preferable and enjoyable to visit the lake. As Bramer District is in Rajasthan, therefore, the summer months are comparatively very hot and one cannot enjoy sitting by the lake due to the heat of the sun. If planning to visit this beautiful place then book a Pachpadra lake taxi service from Get Cab India.


You can travel to Pachpadra lake from Jaisalmer via train or bus but we at Get Cab India will offer a reliable Jaisalmer Taxi Service for Pachpadra lake taxi. We have a range of cabs to choose from which will make your journey more comfortable.



    The Barmer District of Jaisalmer has one of the major temples of Rani Bhatiyani Sa the Hindu Goddess. She is worshiped in Western Rajasthan, Khipro and Sindh Pakistan. The women followers of this community sing Ghoomar Songs in her honor, where she is praised as the princess of Jaisalmer. This place holds a very lively and positive vibe. One should take care of the timings to visit the temple.


    Barmer fort is built on the top of the city also known as BARMER GARH. The fort was built by Rawat Bhima in 1552 AD this place holds to its heritage. You can witness the culture and the traditions of Rajasthan by visiting this fort. This place is one of the famous tourist destinations in Barmer.


    Kiradu temples are a group of ruined temples located in Barmer District of Rajasthan. They are approximately 35 km from Barmer. The ruins of around 5 temples exist in the town of Kiradu. Someshvara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the main attractions of these temples. You can enjoy the road trip from Pushpadru to Kiradu town using the Taxi Service in Jaisalmer provided by Get Cab India.


    Another very famous tourist attraction in Barmer is the Mahabar Sand Dunes. The best enjoyable time to visit the dunes is during sunset and sunrise and the best weather to visit the Dunes in February. One can use the Jaisalmer Taxi and Cab Service to roam nearby Barmer District and make their traveling more enjoyable.

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