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Jodhpur to Khichan tour

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Jodhpur to Khichan tour

Jodhpur to Khichan tour

Are you in Jodhpur, Rajasthan? Then, we have got you with another place to explore. Khichan is only 142km from Jodhpur, Rajasthan which will take your 2 hours 45 minutes. Get Cab India is there to serve you with the Jodhpur taxi services if you are in search of any. 

All about Khichan 

Khichan is a small village in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Khichan is located in Phalodi tehsil of the Jodhpur city. Khichan village is famous all over India for the plenty of demoiselle cranes which visit this village in every winter. It was in the 1970s, around a hundred cranes started migrating in winters when a local couple started feeding them. Many villages with their combined efforts began doing the same, and in 2014, there were more than 20,000 demoiselle cranes which started migrating Khichan. Rajpurohits mostly dominate Khichan. 

Khichan is a village covered with golden dunes, and its nearest town is Phalodi which is around 3.4km away.  The villagers feed the birds here. The birds arrive at this Khichan village every winter and stay in this village for at least 6 months. Their food is arranged when they reach this place every year. The birds play a crucial role in everybody’s life who lives in khichan. The villagers also sing a folk song for the birds. The cranes who visit every year are known here as Kurja by all the villagers, and the villagers play a role of feeding them every morning with Jowar, wheat, Bajra, and Matters.

Almost 500g of grains are fed to the birds. Chugga Ghar is a 200sqm feeding ground for the birds where the birds gather every day. At this place, birds have a breakfast session , which lasts for almost 90minutes. The cranes are fed in groups one after the other. You can see the birds at the rooftops, in waterholes or the surrounding dune areas as the villagers keep them with care and feed them adequately. The birds are comfortable in this village. The flights of the birds provide a beautiful scene for all the tourists that they easily capture and hold them forever. Along with cranes, Peafowls are other birds that are also seen here in Khichan. 

How to reach Khichan from Jodhpur?

If you are right now in Jodhpur and planning to visit Khichan, a place famous for cranes, then we have solved your issues as Get Cab India has got you the Car rental services in Jodhpur which is quite affordable. You will enjoy the comfortable drive from Jodhpur to Khichan in our fleet of cars. 

Best Time to Plan for Jodhpur to Khichan 

You can visit Khichan from August to March months as this is the time when the migrating birds stay in this village. The peak season of the cranes is from November to February. Between June to September, Khichan village experiences rains every year because of which the weather is quite pleasant. 

Places to explore in Khichan

  •   Phalodi Fort 

    Phalodi fort is the most important place visited by tourists every year. This old fort was built in 1488 by Rao Hammir Narawat who was the grandson of Rao Suja, the Mewar King. This fort is around 300 years old. It is famous for its beautiful architectural style. 

  •   LAL Niwas

    Lal Niwas is also one of the major attractions in Phalodi, Khichan. Embroidered with a host of masons, it was constructed in the year 1750. Lal Niwas is a residential place for rich people. This is famously known as haveli, which is constructed with red sandstones. Lal Niwas is renowned for the magnificent interiors, artifacts, and the chandeliers along with glass cutwork. This superb place takes one back to Rajwaras. 

  • So, if you are planning to see the beautiful sights filled with cranes in Khichan, then Get Cab India is going to provide you with the comfortable Cab hire in Jodhpur

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