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Jodhpur to Ajmer Taxi

Jodhpur to Ajmer Taxi

Ajmer is located 204km away from Jodhpur which will be a journey of 3hours 44minutes. If you want to explore Ajmer after Jodhpur, then getting a Jodhpur to Ajmer taxi would be the right choice at your end. Get Cab India to assure you with the best Car rental in Jodhpur. Let us have a closer look at Ajmer and all about this place. Jodhpur to Ajmer Taxi rates are as follows:-

Jodhpur to Ajmer One Way Cab Charges

Swift Dzire Sedan:- 3750 Rs (All-Inclusive)

Toyota Innova SUV:- 4800 Rs ( All-Inclusive)

Toyota Crysta SUV:- 5200 Rs ( All-Inclusive)

If looking for Round trip then Outstation Charges Per Km would be charged:-

  • Toyota Crysta:-  15/Km
  • Toyota Innova:-  12/Km
  • Toyota Etios Sedan:-  9/Km
  • Swift Dzire:- 9/Km
    (Parking, Toll Tax & Driver Allowance 300 Per Day Extra)

Ajmer and its history 

Ajmer originally known as Ajayameru was established by the king Ajayaraja II. It is located in the northwest of India surrounded by Aravalli mountains. It is one of the most important and oldest cities. It basically lies in Rajasthan. It is believed that the city had been a municipality since 1869.  The famous Ajmer Sharif is located here which serves as a pilgrim to a lot of people. Ajmer attracts a lot of tourists every year. Initially, Ajmer was founded somewhere in the 1113CE. The place is famous for its various monuments such as Taragarh Fort, Ajmer Sharif Dargah and so on. It also holds the famous Pushkar lake which is a holy pilgrim for Hindus. The city also served as the capital of the Ajmer-Mewar province during the colonial times. 

Geographically, to the northwest of the city lies the Nagpathar range of Aravalli mountains that protects the city from the Thar desert. The city has a lot of man-made lakes. 

How to visit Ajmer from Jodhpur? 

You can go to Ajmer from Jodhpur by bus, flight or train or even by taxi. There are Ac/non-Ac buses, sleeper buses etc. are available. But getting a taxi would make you’re travelling a memorable and comfortable journey. So, get the Jodhpur to Ajmer taxi from Get Cab India and enjoy your journey. 

Places to explore in Ajmer

  • Nasiyan Jain Temple 

    This temple was built in the 17th century in a total area of 3200 sq. ft. it is located at the Prithvi Raj Marg. This temple is also known as Lal Mandir and is dedicated to Lord Adinath who was the first Jain Tirthankara. The temple is beautifully constructed and has a two-fold structure. Where one section of the temple is dedicated to worship the other part is built as a museum of gold depicting the five phases of the life of Lord Adinath. If you are planning to visit Ajmer then Get Cab India can provide you with Jodhpur to Ajmer taxi service with a very reasonable charge. 

    Location: It is situated in the Prithviraj Marg. 

    Timings: open from 7 am to 7 pm daily. 

  • Dargah Sharif

    It is one of the most famous pilgrimage spots for people of various religions and faiths. The place actually holds a tomb of a Persian Sufi saint KhwajaMinuddinChisti who spent his entire life helping the poor and needy. It is constructed very beautifully and the entrance gate is embellished with silver. The place where this Dargah is built is located at a very isolated hill in Ajmer. 

    Location: located at the end of a hill. 

    Timings: from 5 am to 7 pm daily. 

  • Adhai din ka jhonpra

    This was basically a mosque built in 1153 and at present only its ruins remain in Ajmer. It is located beyond the Dargah in the suburb of the town. It is said that the mosque was built just in two days and was originally constructed as a Sanskrit college. But with the invasion of Ajmer by Mohammad Ghori, it was converted into a mosque. It was then covered with a wall with seven arches that had Islamic verses inscribed on them. 

    The place is very majestic and is a classic piece of architecture. Its infrastructure comprises beautifully built pillars, domes and so on. These were collected from the pieces of Hindu and Jain temples. 

    Location: located in Andere Kota road 

    Timings: from 4:30 am to 8:30 pm

  • Nareli Jain temple 

    It is also one of the Jain temples in Ajmer that has 24 smaller temples dedicated to the 24 Tirthankars of Jain. This temple is actually a mixture of the modern and conventional style of architecture. It is mainly a pilgrim place for Digambar Jains. The sculpture and designs in the temple are beautifully carved. It is one of the most beautiful and marvellous creations in Ajmer. It is a must visit the place. 

    Location: this temple is actually located on the national highway no.8. it is a six-lane expressway from the city of Jaipur. One can get a Jodhpur to Ajmer taxi service with Get Cab India.

    Timings: from 7 am to 7 pm daily. 

  • Ana Sagar lake 

    Ana Sagar is a perennial man-made lake built in between 1135 to 1150 AD by Maharaja Anaji. Later, Emperor Jahangir made a Daulat Bagh there. And after that, emperor Shah Jahan built Bardari that had five pavilions. In the center of the lake stands an island. There also lies a circuit house which was under the British hold. You can ride a boat to reach the island. The place is a perfect holiday spot for families. 

    Location: located in the center of the city and can be accessed by any means of transport. 

  • Prithviraj Smarak 

    As the name suggests, it is a black stone statue of Prithviraj Chauhan, a great ruler of the Rajput dynasty, who is riding a horse. He was the last ruler in that dynasty. He ruled the two capitals of Delhi and Ajmer. The statue shows the king holding a crossbow. He was one of the greatest rulers of his time and was famous for his courage and valour. 

    Location: located on the Taragarh road in the city of Ajmer. 

    Timings: from 7 am to 9 pm daily. 

  • Buland Darwaza

    It is one of the most iconic creations of those times. It was constructed in the honour of emperor Akbar’s victory in 1576 over Ahmednagar and Khandesh. This gate serves as the south entry to the Dargah. It is about 176 feet tall and with a red stone and marble. This Darwaza definitely exhibits the finest artisan and craftsmanship of that time. there is also a central chamber below the dome that rises to the court of the mosque. 

    Location: it is located at the end of a hill in Ajmer. 

    Timings: from 5 am to 7 pm daily. 

  • Akbar’s palace and museum 

    The museum is located in the Dil-e-Aram gardens and was built in 1949. The museum is divided into three parts. It has two pillars in it which are embellished with various scriptures. A lot of other inscriptions have been collected from various other parts. One has to buy a ticket to see the museum. This price starts at 25INR. 

    Location: located inside the Akbar fort. 

    Timings: daily from 10 am to 4:45 pm. 

  • Savitri temple 

    This temple is situated in Pushkar and was dedicated to the first wife of Brahma. This temple is located on the hill behind the Brahma temple. There are a lot of stairs to be climbed to reach the temple. A lake surrounds the temple adding to the scenic beauty of the place. 

    Location: located 1.5kms away from Pushkar.

    Timings: daily from 5 am to 7 pm. 

  • Rangji temple 

    This temple is built for Lord Rangji who is said to be the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. The striking feature of this temple is that it is built in a very South Indian, Mughal and Rajput architectural style. It also has a twin temple which is located in Hyderabad. It is built very beautifully and marvellously. 

    Location: it is located in Chhote Basti.

    Timings: from 5 am to 7 pm daily. 

If you want to go to Ajmer from Jodhpur and want to explore car rental in Ajmer in a comfortable car and you do not have your own vehicle, then Get Cab India offers you with Jodhpur to Ajmer taxi. We assure you the best services at friendly prices.

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