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Jaisamand Lake

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Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake

Dhebar is another name for Jaisamand lake. This lake is known as the second-largest artificial lake in Asia. This lake is located at a distance of 48kms from the city of Udaipur. This lake was built by Maharana Jai Singh in 1658 while making a dam on the Gomti river. Maharana Jai Singh names the lake after his known name that means “Ocean of The Victory”. This lake stretches to a length of 14 km and a width of 9 km. The lake has a depth to a maximum of 102 feet and has a circumference of 30 miles. Jaisamand Lake was the largest artificial lake in Asia until the Aswan dam of Egypt was constructed.

The dam on this lake is worth mentioning because of its massive size. It is 1202 feet in length, 116 feet in height and width of 70 feet at the bottom. The dam has a shiva temple that indicates clearly that the kings of Mewar were religious by nature. This centrally located temple is dedicated to shiva. Moreover, a summer palace of Udaipur queens visits jaisamand lake worth a while. The lakes also show off six interesting cenotaphs carved from marble on its embankment. You can visit the lake and the beautiful places near the lake by booking a cab on GET CAB INDIA. The cab service in Udaipur offers that will offer you the most comfortable rides around the city.


The jaisamand lake comprises of seven islands out of which one of the island is still inhabited by the tribe of bhil minas. Out of all the seven islands, there is this one biggest of all which is known as ‘Babaka Bhagra’ and the second one is known as ‘Piari’. one can enjoy boating rides in the calm waters of jaisamand lake, also the lake has these beautiful marble steps descending to the water. This lake is a wonderful place to be at peace and lighten up your mood.
Also, jaisamand lake is close to a sanctuary which is a natural habitat of various types of birds, panthers, leopards, deer, wild boars and crocodiles. There was a time when these woods used to be the hunting place of the rulers of Mewar. In 1957, Jaisamand sanctuary was built to cover an area of 62 sqm. The sanctuary is home to a large variety of animals and migratory birds. In the present date, it has been converted into a game sanctuary.


Jaisamand lake is located at a distance of 48km from Udaipur. One can easily reach Jaisamand lake either by local buses or by hiring taxies from the city. Most people who come and visit the lake prefer traveling through the taxi’s as GET CAB INDIA offers the most comfortable taxies to their customers. People also prefer traveling by taxi rather than buses because buses have their fixed timings and traveling by buses for long distances can be super hectic and exhausting.
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If you are wondering that what would be the best time to visit the Jaisamand lake then here is the answer to your question. The months of July and August are the best months to visit jaisamand lake. There are absolutely no timings for the lake in Udaipur. The lake is open for 24 hours. However, tourists usually enjoy boat rides in the lake, so the boating time in the lake is from 10 am to 5 pm. Summer is the best time to visit the jaisamand lake because the cool waters of the lake make the air around the lake so fresh and cold and one can enjoy walking there especially during evenings.
Also, GET CAB INDIA offers most of their discounts for the tourist during summers. So if you want to travel anywhere around the city you should definitely go for a taxi service as it is the most comfortable and pocket-friendly way of exploring Udaipur.


Many more beautiful places around Jaisamand lake are worth a visit.

  • Roothi rani ka mahal

    this mahal is also popularly known as Hawa Mahal and was built by Maharana Jai Singh for his queen kamladevi. Legends say, being dismayed with Jai Singh she left her palace to live a segregated life, hence the name came to be known as Roothi rani ka mahal.

  • Jaisamand Island Resort

    this resort is one of the most famous resorts in the Northwest region of the country to be built on a private island of 40 acres. As this place is rich with fauna this place is an ideal place for bird watchers as well. This resort has an outstanding location so that you can enjoy the prettiest views, the vastness and the beauty of the lake.

  • Jaisamand sanctuary

    this sanctuary is the habitat to innumerable species. The species include sloth bear, leopard, chital, chinkara, wild boar and a wide variety of birds that live here.

These are only a few best places to explore around Jaisamand lake and there are many more to explore once you finally visit Udaipur. GET CAB INDIA promises you the best services while you decide to wander around places in Udaipur and have a lot of fun. There is no easier and comfortable way to travel to Udaipur and explore the beauty of Udaipur.

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