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The famous dilwara jain temples are located about two and a half kilometres away from Mount Abu Rajasthan’s only hill station. This entire complex consists of five temples that were built at different times of history by the followers of Jainism. The five temples are Shree Mahaveer Swami Temple, Shri Adi Nath Temple, Shri Parshav Nath Temple, Shri Rishabdaoji Temple, and Shri Nemi Nath Ji Temple. These five temples are respectively desiccated to the five Jain Saints. The best way that you can reach the Dilwara Jain Temples is through cabs. Get Cab INDIA provides cab service in Udaipur and Rajasthan and we make sure that your travelling is comfortable and most enjoyable with us.



History Of Dilwara Temple

These beautiful temples were built by Vimal Shah and designed by Vastupala, Jain ministers of Dholka, between 11th and 13th centuries AD. These temples are famous for the use of marble and the special intricate marble cravings. The Jain community has many pilgrimage sites however these temples are considered to be the most beautiful pilgrimages in the world.The simplicity of the architecture of these temples reflect the Jain values like honesty and frugality. You can observe the ornamental detailing of the temple that is spreading over the ceilings, doorways, pillars and panels is simply mind-blowing.
The Dilwara community is varied and is made up of Jhalas(Rajputs), Patels, Gametis (Bhil Tribe), Muslims and other Jains. An NGO called Seva Mandir has helped Dilwara develop as a socially, historically and environmentally aware village. You can experience amazing small village walks which are organised by the local people of the community. This is a very refreshing and overwhelming experience in itself.

Things To Do in Dilwara Temple

  • Take a walk in the gardens of Dilwara Temple and experience the ultimate peace and calmness.
  • Visit the temple and have a rich and a royal experience that you can only experience in Rajasthan.
  • Go for trekking and hiking in the beautiful hills of Mount Abu and experience the mesmerising view of these hills.

How To Reach

The easiest and comfortable ways to reach the Dilwara Temple is through cabs. Get Cab India provides cab service all across the city of Udaipur. You can even use other means like the bus or trains to reach this destination but that takes too long and the journey gets really tiring and exhausting. We believe that if your travelling is comfortable then your overall experience enhances therefore at Get Cab India you can book the cabs according to your comfort. Choose from your preference of cars we provide taxis for everyone so choose what type of a car would you like to hire and pay accordingly. At Get Cab India you can rent small cars or SUVs depends on what type of experience you want. Our cab services are very flexible so book your cab and decide the time all by yourself. By choosing taxi service over other means of road travels you don’t have to wait hours and hours at the ticket windows or bound yourself according to the departure time. Everything is according to your comfort and preference. Travel tension free with Get Cab India and we are sure your decision will be worth it. Pre-booking is preferable as that will allow you to choose from a lot of options. Even our drivers are very friendly and will make sure that your journey is comfortable and very very memorable.


Best Time To Visit

As you know that Dilwara Temple is located on a hill station, therefore the climate remains idyllic for most time of the year. In winters you can experience the temperature up to 10degrees, in monsoons the temperature falls down between 17-24 degrees, and in summers it usually stays below 30 degrees. There isn’t any preference of the time to visit one can suit their own comfort level as the weather is not too harsh in any of the season just be a little cautious during the monsoon weather while travelling hill.


Places to explore nearby

Well the entire Udaipur is filled with really mesmerising tourist destinations but a few amazing places that you can visit nearby Dilwara Temple are:-

  • Nakki Lake

    Situated in the Aravalli Ranges in Mount Abu, Nakki Lake is also known as Nakki Jheel. This lake is a gem for this place as the beauty of this lake is so overwhelming. One must not miss an opportunity to visit this place if you come to Dilwara Temple.

  • Adhar Devi Temple

    On top of a cliff in a cave is the famous Adhar Devi Temple also known as Arbuda Devi Temple. You have to climb around 365 steep steps to reach the top and this hard climb is totally worth it. One can enjoy the best views of the hill station from the top and offer their gratitude to the gods.

  • Sunset Point

    While travelling to Mount Abu one of the biggest attractions is the sunset point. One can witness total solace and peace of mind on the sunset point. This is situated near the nakki lake and the whole view of the sun reflecting on the lake is mesmerising. Don’t miss this view for anything.

  • Shanti Shikhar

    An adventurous hiking and trekking area on the hills of Mount Abu is the Shanti Shikhar. The trek is not so long it’s just 2-3 hours and the entire trek is very interesting and you can enjoy various small spots in the middle. The name shanti shikhar was named after a jain monk ‘shanti’ who stayed here and practised spirituality around 100 years back.This place is filled with a lot of peace and if you want to enjoy the view of the hills then you should must visit and take this trek.Well don’t be worried about travelling back and forth to these must-visit places near Dilwara Temple and fully enjoy your stay in the hills of Mount Abu with the Get Cab India. You can use the cab service for travelling to all these places. Hire our services and experience the best stay in Udaipur with Get Cab India.

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