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Bishnoi Village Safari Jodhpur

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Bishnoi Village Safari Jodhpur

Bishnoi Village Safari Jodhpur

Are you planning for Bishnoi village safari from the city Jodhpur? We know you would be interested in this as you might have already explored Jodhpur & the happy thing is that Get Cab India is here to solve all your problems. We are providing you with car rental services in Jodhpur. If you are searching for any transport facility to visit Bishnoi, then we are here to help you. Distance between Jodhpur to Bishnoi Village is only 22 km  & you need to drive for 24 minutes to reach the destination.

All about Bishnoi 

A religious sect, Bishnoi which is also known as Vishnoi, can be found in the Western Thar Desert and northern states of India. Their Guru Jambheshwar (1451-1536) laid out a set of 29 principles/ commandments. The sect was founded in 1485 at Samrathal Dhora by Jambheshwar. His teachings are in the form of 120 shabads, known as Shabadwani.  He travelled throughout the country for 51 years preaching about his values. An estimation of 10, 00,000 followers of the Vishnoi sect resides in the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. Many of his followers live in the villages of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand as well. 

Since ancient times, Bishnoi village has been a significant cultural destination for tourists. The land of Bishnoi village has rich and traditional cultures. The rulers of Marwar would invite their guests to visit the village. Famous for its natural beauty, handicrafts, cultural icons, and art forms, the Bishnoi village attracts many tourists as it is an oasis. This small village is well connected with luxury trains. It is famous among tourists for enjoying the royal and cultural life of Jodhpur and for souvenir shopping. 


Founded by Guru Jambheshwar (1451-1536) who is also known as Jambhaji, the Bishnoi sect is a religious and cultural destination. The term Vishnoi is used by some writers that mean the ones who follow Vishnu. But some sect members consider themselves as Bishnoi. Guru Jambheshwar did mention about Vishnu but did not refer to Bishnoi himself. Supporters and followers also call themselves as Prahladapanthi as they are devoted to a Hindu divine, Prahlada.

Guru Jambheshwar stated a set of 29 principles. The Shabadwani, which was written in the Nagri script, consists of 120 shabads and 29 principles. Ten out of his 29 principles are in the direction of personal hygiene and maintaining good essential health, 7 out of 29 are for healthy social behaviour, and 4 of them are for worshiping of God. The last eight are prescribed for bio-diversity. Most of the followers of the Bishnoi are not aware of the concept of global warming and animal husbandry. It includes a ban on animal killings and cutting trees while protecting all living beings in the ecosystem.  The community needs to be sure that the firewood used shouldn’t have any small insects. There is a prohibition on wearing blue coloured clothes as the dye used for colouring is produced by cutting off a considerable amount of shrubs.  

Guru Jambheshwar established the Bishnoi Village sect. He was born in 1451. The constant battles between the local Hindus and Muslim invaders led to tragedies. This resulted in the foundation of the Bishnoi sect. Guru Jambheshwar laid 29 rules and regulations as well as principles for his followers. The chief principle of the Bishnoi sect was the conservation of animals and trees and ultimately put an end to harming the environment. On his passing, he declared that black buck is his sign and consequently the species that must be conserved at any cost. 

Culture of this village 

  •   Ecologists: Bishnoi people are very fond of securing nature, especially flora & fauna.
  •   Religion: They are devotees of Lord Vishnu. The fact is that they worship Lord Vishnu.
  •   Food: They love to eat pure vegetarian dishes.
  •   Costumes: Their outfit is to bear the hot weather. The men are dressed in traditional white dhoti, shirt with the colorful turbans. The young girls casually wear pada, pothdi, puthia, and odhna while the dress of married women constitutes of odhna, ghagra, kanchli, kurti & dhabla. Married women also wear circular shaped nose rings. They boycott the burning of blue – colored clothes because of a large number of shrubs had cut down.
  •   Crops: They grow opium for religious purposes. The dietary crop Pearl millet(bajra)is mostly grown during the monsoon season.

How to reach Bishnoi Village? 

The distance between Bishnoi & Jodhpur is 22km. It is on the route of Udaipur from Jodhpur. The village nearest to the airport is situated in Jodhpur. You can also search for countless flights from different parts of the country. The nearest international airport is located in Udaipur. You can easily find flights from Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and others to Jodhpur. 

Also, to reach directly to the village from the airports by busses and cabs, you can get the transport facilities from the nearby regions. Railway stations nearest to the town are also located in Jodhpur. You can easily get the transportation facility here.  

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Major attractions in Bishnoi Village Safari

  •   Salawas(Weavers village): The specialty of this place is that – the weavers work together & create the beautiful “magic       carpets” locally known as “durry.”
  •   Singhasni( Muslim religion potter’s village): The specific works of pottery can be seen on the way to this location.
  •   Khejarli: This is a famous tourist attraction when on a Bishnoi village tour to Jodhpur.
  •   Gudha village: This is an excellent place to enjoy wildlife species like Antelopes, Dummessille crane, Gazelle, Rabbits, peacocks, blue bulls, and many more. 
  •   Guda Bishnoi Lake: The serene lake is an enchanting location to observe various bird species including domicile cranes, blackbucks, chinkaras, etc. Blackbucks are also found there.
  •   Shepherds Village: Here, the real-life photos of the village lifestyle are clicked by the tourists.  UNICEF sponsored health center is also situated here.

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