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Bada Bagh

The beautiful and astonishing BADA BAGH also called as BARA BAGH, which means a considerable garden is located very near to Jaisalmer that is 5 km away from it. The Bada Bagh is a combination or consists of a huge dam, a tank and the graveyards of kings and queens surrounding it. Maharaja Jai Singh jr constructed this royal dam in the 16th century. The most beautiful and main attraction here are graveyards of kings and queens which are constructed around the Bada Bagh for the royalty. The graveyards are also known as Chhatris.Later as time passed, 104 members of the royal family graves and their Chhatris were built. Another attraction for the eyes here is the beautiful sunset which spreads its golden magic over the dam. If you are a history lover who loves to explore historic things, then this one is for you. Here you can feel the royalty and greatness of kings, queens, prince, and their princesses even after there death. Here you will see the most beautiful artwork and creativity. The serene and calm locality with its air of antiquity and prevalence of history in each of the structures makes this one of the must-visit the place for history lovers.This is a place where you will easily attract to your photographic passion here the constructions golden sands everything will be excellent for photoshoot People who are interested in architecture will be exposed to a lot of stunning building styles in the cenotaphs. Bada Bagh is the best trip for tourists and people to spend some beautiful moments of life.


It is a prime place for cenotaphs. The first graveyard is that of Maharaja Jai Singh who was the founder of Jaisalmer and ruled from 1688-1743 and then the tradition of building graveyards started around the 17th century and continued till the 20th century. The cenotaphs here are of various sizes and standing mainly in two rows. The more powerful the king, the bigger will be his cenotaph. There are a cluster of cenotaphs all in a similar style, open pavilions with pillars when you stand in the arch of one and look at the other cenotaphs, you can feel as if the family members may still be looking at each other and talking to each other from their personal rooms.

The windmills near those cenotaphs appear as if they are providing the much-needed air to those living here. A white marble plaque inside the cenotaph, below the dome, tells about whom it belongs to and most of them are shown riding on the horse. There are plates outside, maybe put by the Rajasthan tourism department to tell which one belongs to whom. The latest one dated sometimes in the early 20th century is incomplete because the tradition was stopped after independence. We can notice a water pitcher in front of a particular cenotaph that is usually put in front of the last person to come here and is meant to quench the thirst of the soul.

The reason for discontinuing the construction of chhatris was because it was considered to be bad luck after the son Jawahar Singh died who was suffering from disease during the construction of the chhatri of his father. You can also see the Jait Bandh which is a magnificent structure with dimensions pertaining to a length of 1200 ft and a width of 350 ft. After knowing about this place you must be feeling excited to visit, so here Get Cab India is providing you with a taxi service Jaisalmer for your amazing experience.


Bada Bagh is about 5 km away from Jaisalmer, and there are many three-wheelers (auto-rickshaws) available. Apart from these auto-rickshaws,  buses also available. You can also book cabs online, which is the best transport facility. In Jaisalmer, the best Jaisalmer taxi service is provided by Get Cab India. You can get car rental in Jaisalmer at affordable prices anywhere in Rajasthan.


The months of October to March will be best to visit this place so that you can avoid the burning heat of the summer. The cool winters are more pleasant and beautiful.


  • A walk through the royal graveyards which has an air of royalty in it.
  • watch the beautiful sunset which spreads its golden Aura around the Bada Bagh.
  • You can look at the beautiful architects
  • Finally, you can lay back peacefully in a fantastic environment.
  • Check out the Jaitsar tank and the Jait Bandh, which is the dam.
  • The Govardhan Stambh is a pillar which was built to mark the building of the tank and the dam.

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  • Kuldhara village:

    It is an abandoned village in the Jaisalmer district if Rajasthan. Established around the 13th century, once it was a prosperous village initiated by brahmins, but it was abandoned by early the early 19th century for some unknown reasons, probably because of drought in the village.

  • Desert national park:

    It is situated in the western Indian states of Rajasthan near the town of Jaisalmer. This is one of the largest National Park, covering an area of 3162 km is an excellent example of the ecosystem of the Thar desert. If you are a keen wildlife observer or a photographer and want to explore some beyond the usual attractions if Jaisalmer then the desert national park is the perfect place for you and must-visit for those who wish to see the desert.

  • Jain temples:

    It seems Jainism has flourished from here. The complexes have few interconnected temples. It is the best place for Jain’s to visit. Beautiful Jain sculptures are being created here.

  • Desert culture museums:

    A lovely place to spend an hour in the has a little museum and a little hand puppet show, performing local songs and stories. All for a small entrance fee of Rs 100. You will definitely like this place once you visit there.

  • Khuri dunes:

    Also known as Sam and dunes, a very famous place for cultural evenings, camel ride, delicious Rajasthani food. Adventurous rides on safari jeeps are more exciting and must to enjoy the thrill of speeding the jeeps on terrific turns and slopes. It has some fantastic dunes, just beside the road. It’s courteous, well organized, and well decorated-executed in a thoroughly professional way. Food, rooms, camel rides, and memorable sunset with evening cultural dance and song will make you happy.  So don’t forget to check out this place.

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